Recent Self MOCs Part 1: Makutas

So I’ve been buying custom resin masks from Socketball’s Custom Casts and Ziontyro’s Customwares. They are truly fabulous and I’ve decided to make a toa/makuta moc for each of them.

Here’s the first one. The transparent Avsa with dots of trans purple from Ziontyro’s Customwares. I think it was made by mistake but the uncertainty gave it a unique aesthetic. I’ve combined mata red and white color scheme since I think it is a cool combination that is not seen too much.

Avsa. The purple dots also gave it a virus/dangerous feeling.

Makuta based on a metru build. I always loved the body proportion of the metru build, especially the shoulder angles.

The spear.

He has heavier armor on the shoulder without the weapon, which in my mind balanced out the spear weight during flight and helps with defenses for counterattacks. He also has smaller fins on the limbs to aid the flight.

The second is actually a pair of Makuta guards. They each hold a huge lance and a shield. They were made because I got these beautiful purple masks made by Socketball’s Custom Casts and they are just perfect. Unfortunately, I’ve used all of my purple parts in my gravity toa in Lesovikk’s team (which will be posted on the next one after I finish with the toas), so I decided to do a red one and a blue one, which in combination might be a cohesive color scheme highlighting the amazing purple masks.

Purple Ruru. They are so good and smooth and everything. They’re just like the recolors Lego could’ve done but didn’t.

So apparently you can see that I’ve been making MOCs based on two toa Norik and Makuta Vamprah and Antroz. I’ve been collecting canisters for my official sets since I am running out of shelf space. Ideally, I’ll put all of them in a nostalgic store-like and only put my MOCs outside to collect the dust lol.

Used the Avsa as a chest piece…

Really happy how this lance turned out. The matoran chest plate fits perfectly with the other pieces.

The purple noble Huna.

Don’t know why but the noble huna always gives me an evil feeling…

Wish I had purchased more purple bohrok eyes.

Working on my toas now. Hope you guys like these


looks great!
the avsa looks the best

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this could work well as a Makuta Tridax. Good mocs!


Ooh these mocs look pretty good, the masks are cool. My favorite moc is the first, but the other two are neat as well. Love the purple masks.
Nice job

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The custom masks look so good. I also love Avsa’s spear.

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Cool stuff!

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Wow that first mask looks great! How often does Ziontyro make masks?

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The white guy’s spear is brilliant!


@Rhyla416 Thank you! The avsa is also my favorite too

@Enbeanie I’ve made a dark purple+dark red+pearl gold one previously haha and I used all my purple parts… So this will probably be my second Tridax then haha

@Rukah Thank you! I also like the first one the best. Had an abundant amount of white and red parts for me to play with. I really wish there are more purple bionicle parts for the other two…

@Alucia @Racie02 Thank you both! I’m glad you like it! I’ve made the spear years ago and it sat in the corner before inspiring this moc with the transparent avsa.

@Eddan960 Thank you so much!

@Eilrach I am not sure about that… Not very often I think. I followed their instagram page to check the updates. I got these ones from their masktober event.