Red Dead Redemption 2

Since everyone who plans on getting Red Dead Redemption 2 knows, RDR 2 will be coming out in about a month. So I would like to open up a discussion Topic specifically for us to talk about what we expect from the game, maybe you have some things that bug you about it, what you hope the multiplayer will have or you don’t like the hyper-realism rockstar is going for, whatever it is let’s talk about it!

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RDR is a classic.
Sadly I don’t have the funds to afford it

I hate rockstar games.

GTA sucks! The game it’s self is cool, but it has a tone of bad stuff trown it. If they removed that, it would be an awsome game.

As far as thins game goes, is going to be worse then GTA. Can’t they just produce a game which is not PEGI 18?

GTA fans, please don’t hate me for this…


I can 100% agree with this, and not because I can’t handle Violence or Mature themes, but because I generally prefer to play games without blood. I’ve made exceptions, but all in all I prefer my screen to be a bit less cluttered when I shoot someone, regardless of realism.

Edit: I would like to say I’m not asking for a cleaned up version of any Rockstar Games and do not hate Rockstar, but I would like to option to toggle blood, and maybe language as their games can get quite foul, and nudity as I feel it is unnecessary, on or off. It wouldn’t actually be that hard ehen you think about it, since its only removing thing. But I think that RDR2 will probably be a hit, and as a fan of American western, I might even consider it.

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I think you’re missing the point of these kinda games. If all the “bad stuff” was removed, it’d loose a lot of its essence and point of it.

Anyway this is kinda off topic so let’s move onto RDR.
RDR2’s launch trailer came out today and it looks promising.


Well those are two contradicting statements.

So in the game Grand Theft Auto, if they took out any parts of the game dealing with crime, it would be good.


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Actually, I think he means graphic violence, vulgar language, and suggestive content. So you can leave in theft, murder, and like, but not have them be so violent, think Skyrim. Or at least that’s to gist of what I can understand from his comment.

The game in itself (RDR2) is pretty questionable…

the amount of bad things you can do, and some of the choices you can make is disturbing…
However, the fact that you can choose to not encounter those at all, based upon your actions, tones it down.

I didn’t really expect anything more or less, especially with a game rated M and 18+.

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