Redrick the Bold

Redrick is the leader and founder of his team of outlaws and outcasts. You might be wondering what did he do to be a outlaw or outcast. Well he was framed for his murderous actions. Now on the run he has found his team who have been screwed over by his brother.


Torso close up:

Leg close up:

Well I hope you liked this M.O.C., it’s certainly one of my favorites. :+1:

Do not click unless you like M.O.C. spoilers.


Redrick: Huh, who?

Redrick: Oh it’s you.
Lady Friend: Hey I was looking for you.

Redrick: Oh you were, uh, what for?

Lady Friend: Let me show you.

Whoa, whoa, that is way to much.


I sure hope they’re just kissing.

Redrick looks pretty cool; all the limbs look beefy enough, and the armor, despite being mostly smooth defines the character well. I think this MOC is a good example of some cool MOCs you can make without going all crazy custom.
Nice job!


I like the use of the new pieces from Ninjago.

Shoulder snek. Yes. I approve. The aesthetics of this guy are loooovely.

Darnit. Now I wanna get some of the Hands of Time sets just to use the bronze pieces on stuff.