Refuge: A XevTech gameworks production

So If you've been active around the HSH: Project message PM you probably have noticed I'm a novice game developer.
Forget that. There is no HSH. You didn't see nothin. Nothin at all.

So here's a topic for my game called Refuge.

Concept: An RPG that takes place on a citadel-B5 type station. It takes fantasy staples such as elves, dwarves, etc. and it puts them in a sci-fi setting.

Thats the basic "close enough for politics" idea. But there is more ya see.

This takes place on a space station of quite unreal size. If you have played Mass effect (the first game especially) you know that the citadel from that game is HUGE. Well the station (also the namesake for the game) dwarfs that.

On this station there are many qroups plotting, scheming, working together, working against each other, all living aboard this station.

Here's a few factions:

Humanity (If you can come up with a better name I'd be a very happy Xevy): They are basically what you would probably expect from the precedent placed by prior fiction. They are a prosperous species that has out it's (arguably grubby) fingers in most operations on the station. In general they are pretty neutral as far as morality is concerned. whether they are the good guys is usually pretty situational. Rarely are they outright greedy but they are certainly opportunistic. They are pretty industrious and their modules on Refuge reflect this by having a very mechanical and industrial (though not sooty or dirty like a cyberpunk style industrial area would be) look to them.

Elves: While Humanity can be considered "neutral", The elves define the term. They only involve themselves with situations that directly affect their affairs. They like nature and their modules usually reflect this. While one can easily find their modules find the Elves themselves in an adventure in itself. (Even if you're character is a Elf they will have the same trouble because they aren't "insiders")

Dwarves: Dwarves are a very industrial worker faction. They have a no nonsense attitude and will often be very blunt about their ideas. They have huge bays where they pull in asteroids to mine for resources. Most of their architecture and equipment is very heavy but also very powerful. Most of their equipment also conveys a miner/construction theme. Instead of separated military and civilian occupations most Dwarves over the age of 23 (Dwarves mature slower than humans) are a part of the reserve. Dwarves are also very loyal to their Clans and will defend clan honor to the death. (Remember when I asked for Dwarf clan names? this is why). HSH REFERENCE SUCCESSFULLY REMOVED MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES

Orcs: Orcs in my universe are a synthesis of the "Thug" and "mistreated citizen" tropes frequently used for them. They are the decendants of modified elves created by the Bales (To be described eventually). After the bale war they have tried to enter society by brute force. (I actually intend on creating some humorous historical entries on this). Eventually after several unsuccessful tries they attempted to gain entrance semi-peacefully. Now they insist the rest of the species treat them worse (They consider themselves "Low opportunity people" when in truth they are "Low responsibility people"). They frequently demand more aid to be spent on their poor (and kinda lazy) citizens. the only work that most Orcs are willing to do is the violent kind. This is a bit of a problem since not everyone can afford (or they simply don't want) a personal bodyguard.

Trogs: They are a bigger and dumber sub-species of Orc.

Trolls: The are a Smaller and smarter sub-species of Orc. They tend to be manipulative of others.

Goblins: The goblims are the epitome of "grubby merchants". They aren't liars but they are not going to tell you the whole truth if they can make a profit. They tend to be experts at obtaining rare items. You may pay more if you deal with goblin merchants but you will tend to get a rarer or better quality item. They have a habit of showing their wealth. If they have a nice jacket or a solid gold tooth you better believe they will wear it.Goblin society is based entirely off of how much wealth a goblin has obtained. If you wanna steal from the goblins you may wanna think twice because their Hobgoblin guards wont take to kindly to your activity.


They all have a representative that is part of Refuge Council. That's the ruling body that makes decisions about the station. This station is quite important in the eyes of most factions in the universe.

So this brings me to the most important thingy of this whole topic:

I NEED ideas.

Wanna help me fix that mighty need?

Edit: now uploaded where non-masters will see...

I hope it's worth it.


Do you want more species?
Or a specific mission/plot?
I have ideas for both.

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I try to specify when I want something specific.

But now that you ask:

Mentioned somewhere...
Can't say cuz it's a secret to everybody.

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What about a strange newcoming group of an uncharted species. Each faction has a different idea on how to deal with them.

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Well now that you mention it I have a "new" but actually kinda old faction that may/may not be big bad.

That's a topic for another day.

let's just say thats one of those plot elements leading to a big finish.

Once again don't ask where I get my quotes.

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What if the player (or maybe father/mother) has invented some new tech that draws interest from the factions.


Let's see...
I definitely think the factions would have minor territorial disputes, and quarrel frequently.
The player would help with that.
A first arc could be about a virus in the ship's integral systems.
A second could be about an unknown saboteur.
The main would definitely be the arriving group, though.\

@ToaSonus Would that be a secondary arc, or the main?

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I'm referring to this:

Pretty sure that would last the entire game.

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You need nano-machines.


Ok intro happens, Player gets attacked or something, Player uses an "ability" to get out. This "ability" happens to be something that the factions vying for refuge think would be useful.

It is a slightly modified version of this idea:

I changed it to an "ability" so that it isn't something that can be taken away or "stolen from memories".

Not 100% set in stone but is a good start.

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This ability could also have been created through some tech. Kind of like Bioshock's plasmids.

As long as I get royalties when you become famous. /s

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It could tie into these "secret" guys:

You'd be surprised how easy it is to put someone's name in the text file for credits.

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Yeah, In the end we're all dust in the wind, man.

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Add religious zealots into the equation. And call humans terrans. It sounds cooler. Add cyborg undead. They could have been created by experiments to bring back the dead, but the results were undesirable. The faction could be outcasts among all societies. Different members of each faction should have slightly different views and morals. This would spice up the game.

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I do that in my other (no topic yet cuz I am not ready to produce yet) game. It is a cool idea but I don't want to overuse it.

Believe it or not I have both wrapped in one. "Tech-Cultists" They are people who have turned themselves into machines (or in later generations people who were turned by machines into machines). They worship technology and belive it to be superior to organics. They wear robes and use staffs like "true" cults because I felt like using that to help define their style.

This is the natural thing to do to avoid making my characters 2-dimensional. Character A could be a zealot for the cause while character B could be disenfranchised. Character C could be in it for the money. The list of possibilities goes on...


I see my Zim gif has made it far.

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Sounds like Dune's Gholas.


Look it up I doubt you infected thousands of sites with it. I will not doubt I may by chance have used yours. I googled one up.

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A disease is ravaging the ship, and you are the only one with the cure.

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That one could be an eventual arc but first I need to show the player to the station as it is. If I showed the player a contagion ridden station first then the player would form their comfort zone in that kind of environment.

Such an arc would need the shock factor so that the player who is used to a Refuge without the quarantine will want to act.

If I used that as a pilot to launch the story then it would lead to the problem of:

I'm not trying to be mean about others ideas. I really do appreciate that people are helping with this. I just need to tailor ideas to the setting of my game.