Regarding Ignika's crack

I am greatly sorry, if the question is silly, or already was solved (couldn’t find it), but:

In 2007 it was multiple times mentioned that Ignika has cracked because of Pit Mutagen. What happened to the crack? Was the Mask repaired/healed/restored? I’ve found that Greg (?) once said that Mask was still cracked while flying toward Bara Magna: Farshtey Feed | Farshtey Feed (p180-186) (third to last bullet that starts with “Mata Nui’s consiousness” in Mata Nui section). So is the Ignika cracked? And if it is, do its (his) powers leaking?


I think, as a sentient mask, the ignika has at least some control over whether it leaks power. In City of the Lost, it leaks power in the form of air bubbles when Dekar’s air bubble is low, twice, but there’s no mention of it doing that before or after; it seems it acted to save Dekar (probably because dekar was keeping it away from the barraki).

Plus, I’m sure that the Staff of Artakha could fix it, if need be.

"When the mask was exposed to the mutagen in the Pit’s waters, it began to corrode and crumble away, and it leaked out Life energy in the form of air. This process stopped once the mask was no longer in contact with the mutagen, and the Ignika has been repaired." --BS01


Thank you much! The answer was only several sentences away… Do I need to somehow close this topic or something? :thinking:


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