Regions of Okoto

I have a question…
What would Ice region look like on Okoto? On official page is stated that it’ll be tundra and glaciers. Does that mean we won’t get mountains in Ice region? Cuz it was also said that the Fire region is made of volcanic mountains (in Tahu’s description, Fire region description is not available).

So… How should I imagine Ice region? just snowy plains? Mountains? Or what?
And what will Fire region look like? Fiery mountains? Burned forest?

Thanks for your opinions!

So basically:
Lots of snow and a village.


I meant more like terrain.

The terrain is always generic, not to be a downer.

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Yup. My thoughts exactly.


I think it will be very similar to the terrain shown in the Mask of Light movie. I think that Lego is trying to make it feel like Mata Nui as much as possible, without just putting the story back there again.

Maybe it will have spectacular ice caves.

I always wondered what is terrain like in Ta-Wahi (respectively Fire region)… You know it’s not mountainous, nor desert so what is it? We usually see only Ta -koro and some Lava tunnels but I can’t even imagine how would terrain look…

So, the Region of Earth has floating purple crystals. How 'bout that


At least you can imagine that… But I can’t really imagine fire region’s surface…