Regulus 02-GR

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To serve and protect.

Inspired by old builders like Jeff Ranjo and Jinzoningen73 I just wanted to build a big mech. One of the main points was to use a bunch of old style technic and Bionicle parts, to evoke that feeling of the guys I always looked up to.

The police motif kinda just came later and I thought it fit well enough? The oversized revolver actually features a break action function, which you can check out in the gallery.

That’s it for my rambling, thanks for taking a look!


Awesome MOC. Love how it looks.

Nice. Looks like it could be a official gundam.

i like gundam, by the way.

kinda reminds me of a police officer

Fantastic MoC! Very mecha!

Lego, please make this a thing

Its very gundam like, nice job.

Fantastic job with the shaping and the color layering.

Holy Robot! Amazing work!

I’m in love with the sleek look of this.

I love the torso, but I think the upper thighs look a bit off, with the torso shells being used as armour, still a really cool Moc though!

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Hadn’t really noticed the police motif when I saw this on Flickr. It really does work though.

Probably my favorite part is just the revolver though. I’m a huge fan of gunslinger aesthetics and designs, so revolvers instantly gain approval from me :thumbsup:

This moc looks like it’s ready for business.

That head amazes me.

It reminds me of a Gundam, just with a different type of face.

Gundam activate.