Reina, the flame

Before we begin, just about all the credit for this moc goes to Toa Junie and Shadogear6335, the upper torso and head are basically Alieraah’s besides a few modifications, and the lower torso is a design I first saw on Shadowgear’s Minion, which Junie used on Alieraah.

With that said, time to begin.

Reina is the sister of Toa Kasai, and knew him before he was found on Okoto without his memory.

Like her brother, Reina holds some natural link to the element of fire, the energy of the element visibly flowing through her body.

Similarly to Kasai, Reina has a rage blade, though her’s is more powerful and is dual bladed.

Kasai hasn’t really taken a liking to her.

Mirishiki isn’t too fond of her either.


Interesting, I love the torso design.

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Looks pretty cool!

Looks great, but the head looks a little too big.

Otherwise, some solid stuff. If you’re going to use someone else’s design’s, it might as well be Shadowgears’!

the length of the arms should be changed the lower arms should be size 6 and the upper size 5 other than that gr8 m8

Interesting. The torso and head are very unique. I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before.

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Then you haven’t seen Alieraah.


You made arms and legs.

No. I made a moc of which uses a design I enjoy quite a bit from mocists whom I respect a lot. The build may not be my own but the details and colors are still my choice, the character is also mine. It is my own creation, I did build it. It is just Toa Junie’s design.