Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!

This is a new MOC of mine named Reisender, which is the German word for traveler. I haven’t fleshed him out much yet, I just wanted to get his main look down before I change his armor and stuff like that. Forgive the terrible photography. Enjoy!

Cool pose:




C&C are as always welcome and appreciated!


The build is pretty complex, and I love that! But the torso has a big gap in the middle that needs to be properly covered though.

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Looks great, but I’d really need some closer pictures to tell what’s going on.

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I knew that’d come up sooner or later. It was sort of on purpose to make him look more otherworldly, but I probably should do something about it

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I actually like the gap in the middle, but I think it could do without the black visorak leg there


Creepy, I like it

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