Reki,the Hybrid Dragonknight (final version)

Some of you know that a few days ago i started a thread where i showcased my first complex moc called Reki.
Over the last few days,i continuously upgraded him and almost everyday i put pictures of his evolution there.Before you finish reading this,i recommend you take a look there.
First,he was a very simple MOC with almost no armor (as i wanted to make him as thin as possible).The build was pretty good,i made a complex looking back and he had a consistent color scheme.But,as i mentioned earlier,he was incredibly thin and boney.
His second version was a much needed upgrade.He got a cool looking chestplate that matched his mask,and a more solid build.Problem is that the original consistent color scheme was now screwed due to the silver on the torso.
Also,the legs looked way too simple when compared to the torso and the back.Same for the arms.
The third version was a pretty controversial one.First,i upgraded the legs.
Now they had a more cool looking and complex vibe to them,and the silver plates sure helped the color scheme.Problem is that their design looked horrible.Also,i still felt like the back build and the chestplate could use some more work.Same for the arms,and the weapons.Another problem was that the silver shoulder plates restricted arm articulation,
And this takes me to the current version,which will be the final and official one.
First of all,i managed to make the legs look better.I also added some more bulk to the arms,and gave him a better weapon.Problem is,that due to the additional bulk on the arms,they were almost completely impossible to move.
So what have i done about it?
First,i took em off.Then,i added two mata-hand pieces where the arms used to stay,and then i inserted a red pin in each of them.Then,i connected two bohrok limbs to the red pins.After that,i connected the bohork limbs to the ball joint connectors that used to stay unused on the back (look at the previous thread,and look at the pictures with the chestplate.See those CCBS limbs,that had those conectors? they did nothing),and put em to good use.Then,i connected the arms to the bohrok limbs via the other ball joint on them that was still unused.Then,i put two more pins on the mata-hand pieces,and put a few technic pieces there,to conect each other.That way,the bohrok limbs would not flop,and the arms had perfect articulation.After this step,i perfected the chest plate,strenghtened the back build even more,and now this guy is finally done.
So,with this being said.......voila!

"horns" on the back taken off so you could see the back build better.However,on the other thread,i got some cooler pictures of the previous back build.

I'm really satisfied with the current version,and i think that it wil stay that way.
If the original one looked like he had anorexia,this guy would make even Onua Master of Earth jealous.


Here are more pictures,for those who are interested.


The tail seems a little tacked on, and the sword looks meh.
Other than that, it looks pretty good!


thx for the feeback smile

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Not sure if it's the angle, but the eyes seem to have more substance to them.

I think the angle lol

I dunno. Moving the shoulders out like that gives him a case of Onua-itis. It works for Onua, who is supposed to be all bulky and topheavy, but this guy....ehhh not a bit fan of it.

Still good work for your first MOC, though.


Yeah,the shoulder move wasn't something that i was a big fan of at first,but i really like how it turned out in the end.

WOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO! I love it! I wouldn't change anything. If it were in stores I might even buy it.

Woah thank you so much man that means a lot to me smile


I think the tail could work, but the end is very large... are you intending it to be a club of some sort? If so, that works.

I love this guy's sword! Very nice work overall, though the shoulders do seem to jut out a bit too far.

Thank you man,yeah,i really like how the sword turned out smile
I thought the same about the shoulders,but i really like the look of em now.
@ToaVuhii Ummm,yeah,i think if i made the tail longer,it could've worked as a weapon of some sort.But no club intended.

@Leoxandar_Magnus But yeah the head remained largely unchanged.I did add some horns and a longer neck.

Looks really really nice. The only thing that bothers me is its movility. It looks really stiff and limited. If I'm just seeing wrong or you can fix it, then there's really nothing else I can nippick. The build is really solid

Thanks,i think that the solid build is perhaps the best thing about this guy.And perhaps the good and consistent color scheme and the sword.
Articulation is indeed not the best,but it's pretty good and overall this guy has 21 articulation points,so i guess it's alright.But yeah,it is indeed a little bit stiff.Not limited though.But i get what you're saying.Thx for the feedback man.
Also, do you think that a perhaps more orange-black color scheme would work?

are those bohrok arms Knockoffs?

if you refer to the ankle armor they're from I believe Breakout Bulk

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no the grey bohrok arms on his shoulders

The ankle things are from stringer

ah I derped

also I believe those are a legit color type. Don't know where though

The bohrok arms are from Nuhvok

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