Relgoy: The Patient Sentinel of Karda Nui

After a long hiatus from the boards, I am proud to present a month long journey of a MOC: Relgoy.

He is an ancient mysterious machine that lays dormant in the swamp's of Karda Nui, until a weary traveler passes into his domain of influence. Be they Matoran, Makuta, or Toa; it matters not. He will judge their heart, and if he deems them impure, he will rise from the swamp and purge them from this world, for they may pose a threat to the great treasure that he guards. What is this treasure? No one knows,for few have even heard of him, and less have seen him. With his protosteel mace and chain, he will crush any who do not simply surrender in fear. And any hope of out maneuvering him should be lost, for his lower legs transform into ultra resistant skates, allowing him to race around on top of the swamp water, giving him a large advantage over those who may be stuck within it. Who created him? Does his fabled treasure even exist? The world may never know, for The Patient Sentinel has one thing on his side that none who wonder about him do: time.

Okay, so with backstory out of the way, lets look at him!

First a shot of his head and upper torso. I'm particularly proud of the torso armor.

A shot of his mid section, arms, and legs. After taking those photos I realized that the armor piece on his left arm is out of wack! It tends to be fairly secure, but while posing him the ball joint was shifted into a different position. They tend to be the only part of the body that isn't extremely secure.

His legs. Note the big, purple, wheels!

Close up of that wheel design. But how does it roll?

Well by shifting the axle that connects the foot to the light gray technic beam to the first open pinhole rather than the second, the back wheel is moved farther down. Then then the front bone piece construction is moved to free the front wheel, and there you have it!

He's ready to roll!

Some of my favorite poses!

And there he is! Relgoy: The Patient Sentinel of Karda Nui! Enjoy!

EDIT: Forgot to add this shot of his back.


My major gripe here is the head. It looks gappy.
There are other small issues too, but this gets a 9/10.

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Thankyou! Yeah, I've never made a custom head before.

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I never Imagined purple/red to work as a color scheme but I think you pulled it off well. I like the chest/ torso area, that looks like the most intricate part of the build. My favorite part is the horns, they definitely give him a minotaur-esque look. I have a suggestion for changing the head, try something like an Artakha Bull. Just use a Tahu or Onua Mata foot, It would definitely improve the solidity of the head.

he looks ready to smash a window

looks awsome

Wow, I love this, this is really well done. Good job, this is incredible. :smile:

The leg transformation is fantastic! Waaay better than Umbra

The lets are awesome.

Its... Its amazing :open_mouth:

@Oniwah @tahtorak @The_Owl @PekekoaOfJungle @Darknova3529 @Kiixaar Wow! Thanks all so much for the feedback. I'll admit I wish I could have gotten a bit more of what I did right/wrong, but you have no idea of how much of an improvement this feedback is over my previous MOCs.

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