Remember Vakama's "Assistants"?

Does anyone remember those little things that helped Vakama at his forge?


I just realized they’re pretty much just Bohrok models shrunk down and have Matoran heads. Were these things ever officially mentioned in any guidebooks? Are they canon?


Yup, they’re canon! Called Fire Drones. In-story I don’t think there’s an official reason why they resemble Bohrok, but IRL I assume it was Miramax reusing assets from Mask of Light.


Interesting. I’ve never heard of them.


wait, there are bohrok in Mask of Light? I don’t remember seeing them…


When Takua and Jaller were wandering through Ko-Wahi, they bump into some frozen ones and shout “BOHROK!!!” Remember that part?


nope, but I’ll see if I can find the clip on YouTube.

I guess it’s been a long time since I last watched the bionicle movies.


I find it odd that the Bohrok model is super set-accurate, while all the other miramax models are super stylized and barely resemble the sets.


Yeah, I just realized that. I always thought the Miramax models looked so weird and abstract because of limited technology at the time.

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Ah has anyone here seen the AlpacaHawk YTP of MoL?

I also find it interesting that the model uses Nuhvok shields, as the Bohrok featured in MoL were Kohrak. It also seems to have no arms, with the hand sockets flipped and inserted directly into the body.

I attempted to build one as accurately as possible.

It’s super cursed.


I love this model…


Maybe they did it on purpose to make the bohrok look more robotic compared to the other characters in the movie?

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Hehe, would you mind if I show this in my Bionicle Breakdown for LoMN? With a credit caption, obvs.


I imagine because they were only going to appear in one scene where they were frozen in ice they just decided “why go to all of the trouble of making a new design for the bohrok if they only show up in a single scene and don’t even move?”
so they just used unmodified models of the sets and obscured them with the snow blowing in the wind so it wouldn’t be as noticeable.


Of course, that’s fine.

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I noticed that thing before, but I really didn’t even thought of somethig that dumb being canon. But now I know the truth…

Though I still find them cute.


They didn’t do that with the vahki though.

Interesting; I wonder if they actually built that for reference, minus the head.

Can’t be, if that were the case they’d have arms, and kohrok shields.

My guess is that both are due to limited effort for limited scenes. For the MoL bohrok, they just used a set bohrok. For the fire drone, they took a different bohrok, removed the head (the arms were either removed or just built wrong), stuck on a Matoran head, and done.

wait a minute… bohrok… with a matoran head…
Is this an av-matoran in the process of turning into a bohrok!? /s

True. Miramax just using preexisting models for the bohrok since they were a minor part of the film seems the most likely to me.

I don’t think it’s only Kohrok Kals in the that scene.

This looks like a nuvokh kal shield. In my opinion, it doesn’t look exactly like the piece that came in the set.
Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 1.32.56 PM

And this bohrok has some red showing beneath the ice


As Atobe pointed out, one of the Bohrok in that Mask of Light scene has a Nuhvok shield, but otherwise I generally agree with your point that it was purposely revamped for this scene. I just meant the Bohrok was used as a base model.

Having rewatched the relevant scene, they definitely do have arms, they’re just oriented strangely and otherwise obscured by their hands/shields and by way of that fact that they’re being small things not in focus of the shot.


Good Guy is the official set version of the Fire Drone, change my mind (and don’t anyone say the M word after the Faber stream…)