Renu the 4th Wall Breaker ;-)

Hey guy, King Ved here to show this extremely handsome and awesome 4th wall breaking man. Hey, what the heck are you doing!? I’m giving myself the most proper introduction. Oh, so have you told them what your concept was. No I was just about to, my concept is that Ved got the idea on on turning the Nexo Knights shields into hands. Yes that is true, and you are a 4th wall breaker which is why you are here. That is true. And you tried to pretend to be me. Uh, oh do I hear Kranas call me!? I thoughts so.

Warning spoiler. V

Red Stranger: Hey Renu how’s it going.

Renu: Aside from being in a comic and not able to make my own decisions.

Red Stranger: Uh, Ok?


It’s adorable. All I can say.


Those hands are neat! Not so big on the rest of the MOC, but the hands are why you’re there, right Renu?

That is correct.

I want this as a set, please release building instructions…

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Greetings child.

I see you have hands.

They are good hands.

Congrats on your hands, child.

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Yeah I can do that. Wait, I get that I’m awesome and everything, but it is going to hurt? It is probably going to hurt, but if you do it there will probably be ton of you. Ok fine I’ll do it but I’m expecting a raise!

If you dare call me child again, I will find you and scratch your eyes out.

The hands look pretty nice, they make a good use of the Nexo Knight shield.


Gonna be pretty hard through this helmet.

man look at that old Ek…nostalgia much


Why would it hurt?

The build is a little weird, but still pretty good.

Because I would have to be taken apart!