Rest in Peace

May his soul find peace and grace where’er he goes.

After Eljay’s death:
During Kahi’s reign:
1:11 - 1:29 of the above video = Kahi mourning for Eljay
1:30 - 2:36 of the above video = The Boards taking revenge of Eljay.
2:39 - 2:46 of te above video = The Boards at peace.


This was beautiful man. :cry:


Twas beautiful. Eljay is gone, but not forgotten.

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Rip in RIP


I am honoring an honorable man. It is the best I can do.

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Rest in pieces.

All cinnamon rolls go to heaven. Rest in peace.

RIP Eljay

The man who almost took over TTV, but failed

What do we do the wars over kahi won do come out and submit to kahi or do we stay in the shadows and strike at the right moment i was there when the video was uploded lobstroke allready killed slime what now

The Civil War is over; there is no need to hide.
The True War, on the other hand, is coming soon.

So we prepare while i was searching eljay for topics i found a “i hate eljay” topic that is were we strike that is the name of the topic search it up and the we strike

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It’s is just a joke, and one of the first topic on these boards.
Do not strike; Do not be lazy. We will need everyone we can to defeat Thanos.

Real Talk: Me talking this way is… sorta annoying me. I enjoy doing it, yet is has become a bit cumbersome. I will stop doing that “Devil’s Advocate”/Anti-Thanexx or Scarnos now.

Interesting choice of song, especially considering its actual meaning… but i must admit it seemed you put a lot of emotion into it.

We shall see…


I thought it was Exx!



Nope, had the Thanos theme going since February. Was based around the idea of me collecting most the rare masks such as the trans-gali masks :stuck_out_tongue:

Though yeah, guess when TTV parody Infinity War then they’ll have a staff member being Thanos.

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You have to agree, Thanexx sounds really good.

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/\ /\
I second @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air

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