Rethinking Ryous - concept

Rethinking Ryous is a project that I plan to start soon. I will be doing this for a couple of characters, including Ciraou and Psycho… This means that either:

  • the concept will completely change for each character, but the colors, mask etc. will stay the same
  • the concept for the character will stay the same, but the looks will change.
  • both of the above.

Being a concept, it’s not much. I just drew it in a class when I’d finished working and took a photo. The drawing is done in pen and only stands around 1 inch tall.


is his sword in the Scabbard
or is he holding the blade
#Thats Hardcore

He’s holding the blade…

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well then

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That’s a cool drawing.

for a drawing like this , ITS AWESOME. like seriously everything about it is awesome