Revived Ketar Fan Club

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If i could have more of an answer as to why fan club topics are not longer allowed that would be nice (even if you just say i hate Ketar, I will understand)

I fell that this guy just hates ketar, Any way, post happy things about ketar in here

Because they’re a trend topic, lad, and we don’t allow those.

Also, I don’t appreciate you disregarding my decision as a staff member and remaking this topic. Now don’t do it again. I tried to be nice the first time but this kinda makes me mad.

I actually don’t.

#I’m just doing my job.

Next time PM me about why I closed that topic instead of, you know, disregarding my staff decisions and making a new post. I’d appreciate it.

(Especially if you didn’t understand the reason your topic was closed.)