Reviving Bionicle: The Series

She was also in RB3. I mean, Oranges had her set, but didn’t do much with her.

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hey guys! i have a theory
what if gali’s brainsrock piece was used for the denmark
this is kinda how it goes.
the hero factory doods invent denmark and want to make a gun to do stuff
they have everything… eccept a os (oparating system)
so, they go digging around and find a deactivated gali in the canister.
they take the brain piece and want to put the os in it, but gali’s personal files (like likings, dislikes, overall personality, etc).
so what do they do? they put those personal files on the computer (the one you see in the shot behind tahu when he finds deactivated gali’s canister) and put it on there, but don’t remove the basic toa/robot os
what does this? you may ask
well, the basic os may include basic emotions like saddnes, anger and… fear
so the denmark gun robot os finds itself trapped inside the gun and is …afraid, thus giving itself the name the afraid
gali is still trapped in the computer, but isn’t active
(mabey greg/voriki is also there)
so, what does tahu sind in the canister?
either noyhing (because it’s in some kind of operation room), or gali’s deactivated brainstockless body
for those who say BUT GALI WAS IN TAHAU’S CRAPPY 2001 FILM
remember, it’s either the deactivated gali, or a mannequin with gali’s armour on it
that is my take on the gali arc
i would apreciate it if you either pointed out flaws in my theory (because constructive criticicm is nice) or expanded on it
thanks in advance

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Well, the brainstock used for Gali Mata is yellow, while the denmark one is orange.

Tahu already looked in there and found it was empty. Suddenly Oranges confirmed it.

Pretty sure the only thing in the denmark machine is well, Denmark.

Suddenly Oranges confirmed there was nothing. Also if there was Gali in there, Tahu would pull her out.

Pretty sure that was a mistake. Remember that was back before he knew he was going to do an actual series about this.


thanks! i didn’t think about all those things! :smiley:
by the way, the thing with the brainstock could also be another replaced piece like with kopaka
that’s all for now :space_invader:

I was waiting for someone to mention this series!! thank you so much!
This series is very self-aware, very clever, very funny, very well written… I get excited each time an episode comes out, and I loved how bionicle therapy addressed the bionicle fanbase’s current state. Simply amazing!


Yeah, I think they wanted to use Kopaka’s brain for something, like how they used Greg’s brain to create Voriki.

You guys obviously haven’t seen the latest reviving Bionicle
I swear when I saw the video the first time it was called
“Reviving Bioncle 4” However I would like to see that cow again


man that cheap Chronicles of Jaller and RB knockoff is cancerous.

reminds me of my old videos.



I’m not kidding they’re so bad.

This is probably at the same level.

I remember those. They were great.


I remember 2 or three Jaller rip offs. Now with RB? Guess it happens.

Finally watched Therapy.

That ending made me shiver. The Vakama quote was perfectly placed.

Now I have some gifs to make.


This stuff is great.

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At least now that’s BIONICLE’s over again, RB4 can happen sooner.


^ This


Well, I’m rewatching RB3 right now…
So yeah.


Gosh darnit.

Oranges caused Bionicle to end.

Now leading war on fruit.


Chronicles of Jaller didn’t have any stupid ad-libbing or any weird script. It’s execution was simple yet effective. No one can replicate the magic it had. It didn’t try too hard to be funny at all, but the jokes are effective enough to make a laugh. An Oscar masterpiece.

this is hilarious though when OraNui tried to ask the kid who made it


Which CoJ and RB knockoff are we talking about here?