Reviving Bionicle: The Series

I love this series. It is very cool.

The promised time has come:


The time of prophecy has come! The mighty word of our lord are finally upon us! Hail Oranges! Hail Oranges!

(I just got back from summer camp and have a week’s worth of YouTube subscription backlog to go through, so it’ll be a while before I can actually watch it)

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So awesome! I can’t wait for the next episode. I really want to know what happened to Gali.

So, I just watched the episode and… Dang. I’m so glad to see Reviving Bionicle to make a come back, and eagerly await the next episode, however far away that may be.

I love the development given to Onua. I really like the fact that these characters have become so deep and well developed.

The bootleg was an interesting addition. After what Goodguy said, I have a good feeling it might become an actual character, even though it might not seem like it at the moment.

Giving the G2 sets their own little story was amazing. I love the aspect of history repeating itself.

All in all, the episode was amazing to watch, and I eagerly await the next one.


I have a crazy theory about the bootleg: what if… what if the good guys will try to revive Voriki into him? I mean, Good Guy seemed to know that reviving a bootleg is possible, but hided it. What if he will try to revive Voriki, but yet giving him a new body: the body of the bootleg? It would be interesting.

To be honest, it would be interesting if the bootleg will appear again and will become an important being or something like this. I can’t wait for the next episode.

If they try to revive Voriki through the bootleg, I hope it fails, or at least he doesn’t keep any of his memories. Voriki’s sacrifice was very emotional, and meant a lot. Bringing him back like that would devalue it.

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Yeah you’re right.

I kinda miss Perditus. He has more potential in the story. After all, he was the most wasted Bionicle character ever.

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There’s a split-second frame at the very end (after the “subscribe to my channel” card) that says “password: wesleystreet”. It’s accompanied by some static like on the secret haildenmark blog. Also, that blog updated. I guess we might be touching upon Denmark and Voriki again at some point, judging by the latest post there.


I’m guessing you’re talking about this


Anyone else agree that this is better than toy story?


TTV’s latest “Breaking News” got me interested, the episodes got me hooked. I’m binged to 3 episode 5 and I love it. (Ehlek was in one! He was dead.) Man, now I really wonder what my guys would be like… First I need to find automated voices.

EDIT: Finished the series. So many characters I want added: Vakama, Lesovikk, LOSS, Bad Guy, MOCs, Tahu Mata (he’s appeared twice, both before being pushed by Tahu), Sidorak, Roodaka, Axalara (whenever Oranges gets it), etc. Could we please have an entire episodes of characters with very few lines or minimal screen time (Lewa, Tahu Mata, Perditus If Nuparu didn’t kill him, Kapura and 08 Makuta)? They’d just be hanging out or something?

I love the whole “Takanuva in Gali costume” idea, it bugged me a bit to see Gali in the movie. I have a feeling Oranges once had Gali, but lost or gave her to a friend, and is trying to get her back, and that’s all the story is. Crazy theory here, but what if he had traded Onua for Gali? Onua would kind of had his brain washed, as Oranges no doubt would be different from this hypothetical “friend” while playing with Onua. This would especially explain the dreams he’s been having of the old friends he once had, and why he may know more about Gali than anyone else, all women inside by denmark (no caps, right?). It makes sense of me at least, I’m probably wrong.


[spoiler]Yo, anyone realize the binary code on the link-picture translates to, ‘lazy river portal’?

Anyone realize basically every pic has translatable binary code at the bottom?

Update: Ok, so ‘striving’ says: haildenmark
And ‘I am the afraid’ says: alonealonealonealone (Actually doesn’t have that last e, binary runs out before it’s finished, but I chose to throw it in because it’s pretty obvious that it was coming up next)

If there’s anymore hidden code, images, links, etc, I have yet to find them. This could be due to my own lack of experience in searching for such, but I’m surprised to find, well… fairly little on any ‘secrets’ of the blog.


I’m surprised none of you have posted this yet!


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Ok, so far I’ve figured out the binary for the two new(-ish) pics.
Can’t go back reads: click for lies
And the ‘color fades’ poem pic goes: to freely wander to freely bind
Still haven’t figured out (or at least haven’t remembered) the ‘http’ link blogs password yet though.
Check that. Same one as was posted here before way earlier up the reply section. And
I do recommend checking out the blog it’s for at that. There’s been some updates since I was last on it. (Though it seems the audio might have broken since then.)

What is your favorite Reviving Bionicle episode?

Mine is Reviving Bionicle 3: Episode 2 - Gearboxes b/c of Tahu’s comedy, the Pohatu fight scene, and the voriki reveal

but I really enjoy the series as a whole

I think I like 3.3 the most, every voriki scene is so good


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Mine is definitely “The Future” because of just how epic it is. It’s got serious finale vibes, and the fight scenes are very well done without sacrificing the emotion or story I love Reviving Bionicle for. There are some big league television shows that I wish took notes from this.

I also love Gearboxes, Anonymous, “The Squeakuel”, and Home Away from Home.