Revotain (Marksman) [LDD]

“Breath in the atmosphere.” -Orgbinc
Revotain [Sniper] 1
Revotain [Sniper] 2
Revotain [Sniper] 3
Revotain [Sniper] 4
Orgbinc Weapons

As some of you my know, im still garbage at moc’ing and my POV screenshot is still trash. This is also one of 8 wip heads that I made since im too lazy to complete my other project that I might abandon…


This is fantastic

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I really like his face and his big gun.
Other than that, he’s cool, but a bit clunky for a sniper.
Overall, this is awesome!


Pretty awesome, but not very sniper esque.

Very impressive, I love how you made the face and his weapons.

this is awesome

I love the litle star on the gun

Still very nicely done. I like the weapon and the head and torso are intricate but the gap in his neck is off-putting.

I’m aware it lack on a handle and a scope, but it does have that stand thing.

I would use a tire but LDD would prevent that.

dat shaping 10/10