Revotain (Mechanic) [LDD]

"I don’t need your fancy screwdriver Orgbinc. My left hand is strong enough to screw an entire ship." -Equenched
Revotain [Mechanic] 1
Revotain [Mechanic] 2
Revotain [Mechanic] 3
Revotain [Mechanic] 4
Zoom (Her partner):
Before you question about the yellow parts, no; those are not her skin. The skin color is the lighter yellow (the chin for reference).


This is glorious!
Although I think it would work better if the jaw was the some colour as the mask

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cackles into the distance

This is kinda weird, but I like how it’s built, especially with the Metus head. Zoom is also pretty cute, too!

######This is the best thing i’ve seen in this week.

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I feel like this is from something I am not familiar with.

This is very interesting, especially having a female moc that isn’t super skinny. I’ve only seen a few that aren’t.
Well done.

I recolored some areas (didn’t change the original model):
Eqenched (Minor Recolor)

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The jaw makes me think about muppets for some reason…