Rewera Devourer of Hope (almost complete)

This is my largest moc so far and probably one of my favorites as well, it was originally know as the lost one but I decided to change the name.
His articulation is fairly good plus I give him a bit of shoulder articulation (that's what the technic actuators on the back are for)
So I know present the almost finished Rewera Devourer of Hope

Comments and criticism are welcome but remember this is not the final product
Also a special thank-you to TolerantAxe97 for some great advice


Weird but cool, just needs some bulking up on the arms shoulders and legs (maybe on the torso).

Hey just a question, how well does it stand up? Like can you easily pose it without it falling over?

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Yeah that's why this is unfinished
It stands up really well considering how big it is and how simple the hip joints are

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I wish you had more parts to armor him up. Silver and Black with trans orange might be too little... try adding another main color?

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Yeah I'm going to try adding another main color also I'm just trying to get the main frame of it sturdier and then I'll do things like adding more color and putting more armor on it after
btw what color do you think I should add in?

Use red. :smile_cat:

I would suggest metru blue.


Is the thing supporting him a tail or just a stand?

My real advice is this.

Take this apart and start making smaller MOCs.

I don't think you have the parts or the experience to pull off a MOC of this size. Start small and have a good foundation for how a MOC should be before you go larger.


Sorry to say this but that is dreadful advice my friend. I understand where you are coming from as it can be difficult to pull off a large moc (trust me I know haha) especially if it is your first attempt at mocing. However, I actually think that starting with something as ambitious as a moc on this scale is a good thing as it helps with multiple techniques such as distribution of parts and colours and learning how to make a moc structurally sound. I really don't mean to be rude here but to also tell him to "take [it] apart" probably isn't the most constructive of advice either, I would have understood if you said make it smaller or something along those lines.
Nice so far Umarak, something I might add is that if you shorten it just a little, you could make it look more fleshed out. :smile:

That is far from dreadful advice. It's the best advice anybody could give. Unless the "almost complete" part involves completely armoring every single inch of the arms and legs and bulking out the torso, I can't say I would agree with any other advice.

Hawky is right. I would try making smaller stuff, at least for now. I'm not saying Matoran sized or even Toa sized. I am saying something more feasible, however.


I like that head design. Also the name kinda sounds like one of the characters in my story.

When I said almost complete I still meant that I had a lot do do but the frame was done and that was the hardest part. Hopefully you understand that.

Looking pretty good!

its a tail

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@Hawkflight well put!

Anybody else reminded of this guy when looking at the silohuette

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I replied to hawkflight not your post bud. the picture was my only post

Try not to do the mod's job

he feels a bit hollow and flat, and the lower arms and insides of the upper arms need to be bulked up. the legs also need texture, but the head is wonderful. I understand it's a wip, and the size is massive, so kudos for a good start

Thanks man