REx1 - (Brain lacking good titles...)

An update to my previously unnamed MOC (now named REx1). Decided to go for a female MOC, seen as though it was hard to tell/decide not so long ago. I have given her a new upper torso and added a splash of blue/purple (if anyone knows the actual name of the color, feel free to let me know). Hopefully I don’t get the same feedback as I did on “you know who” (not voldemort)…

It is very hard to fit her in to the story because, well, she’s very big compared to all of my other MOCs…

^ Amazing size chart ^
Tell me what you think…
Actually also I have a poll… Basically, which of my MOCs is the best?


You’re getting better at MOCking.


This looks even better than before, though I did prefer the Inika shoulder plate to the Nuva chestplate.

I mainly changed it because of the shoulders and the neck really…

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The skeleton bones feel out of place, but otherwise, it’s fine.

Indeed he is
Also its Mocing not Mocking

Upside down Huna looks awkward, hair-tube-things looks out of place and weird. Could use some color. Otherwise, the build is very good. 6/10

You just punched me in the emotions. Talk about chain criticism. No really though, i agree with the head, it looks a bit weird, but the lack of color is supposed to be there… Have you never seen a silver MOC before?

Pretty nice MOC you got there. Almost looks like you’re going for a blocked color scheme with gunmetal + mata Blue as armor and silver + black for skin. (Then again, her waist is silver + black, so…) Would suggest not using curved-over pieces as thigh armor. The arms aren’t bad, but could be done better. “Ponytail” is a nice technique. Overall, nice MOC, and proof that you can FeMOC.

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aside from the tiny feet and look of sheer agony on the huna-face, this actually isn’t that bad.

as someone who absolutely hates hair on mocs,
I like the tubes jutting out from the back of the head, weird, but it is an interesting look that doesn’t look like hair, honestly it reminds me more of the Zora from LoZ:OoT/MM.

I will say that the upper and lower body seem to be out of scale, and that everything above the waist seems about half the size it should be.

that said, the build for the thighs is not that appealing(and I refer to the construction when I say that), the torso is kind of dully built, but it doesn’t look bad per-say, and the arms seem kind of underdeveloped.

The MOC is so much better than your other female creations. The feet are still a bit small for me, but that’s a minor issue. Really, the only problem is that I feel the hips are disproportionate to the body; the torso is really thin for a body like that. But that’s just my thoughts.

Blue/purple? That’s Mata Blue, right?

Looks really good! I think this is my favorite of the lot above.

Shoulders look a lot better than prior. Aside from that I really like the proportions of this MOC, they just work for some reason.

I think they’re supposed to be baggy shorts. Or at least that’s what I got from it!

That’s actually a pretty creative use of Vezon’s mask!

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It’s from the original jango fett set, I’ll check what color it is…

EDIT: it’s listed as " violet" on bricklink.

Great use of violet! It goes surprisingly well with such a dark looking colour scheme. The added skeleton parts, chains and grim looking masks give off a very “dark knight” sort of vibe, as if she’s the servant of some evil god or dresses as she does in order to intimidate her foes.

The upside down Huna kinda puts me in mind of The Witch King of Angmar:

As a con, I think her feet are a little small and might work if her legs had an extra joint like a cat or dog’s, otherwise she just needs a little something more there in my eyes. Her back seems kinda bare too. She could do with some boosters, or another weapon, or some other random stuff to keep back there IMO. OR A CAPE