Rexonius V3

“I am light, and I am darkness. Puzzling, isn’t it? Your simple views of good and evil are ridiculous to me. Yet here I am, speaking to a peice of animated dust like you. I am a being that can possess both light and darkness. I am balance.”

I added purple to represent darkness.
shield stored on back CC is always appreciated!


I love the colors and the weapons on it.

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Looks really really good, though I am exited to see future iterations.

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I love the design and the colour scheme!

The color choice looks beautiful, and the build is simple, but really solid and well done. The weapon is nice, and the torso looks to be somewhat custom. Can you show me the construction to it?

Looks really nice for such a simple build. Good job.

Simple, but nice. Because of the dark photos, it’s a bit hard to see the purple, but otherwise it’s ok.