Rhaea, Angel of existance v2 wip

Only really pay attention to the torso, lower arms, wings, head, and shield. Everything else is really just a test peice for now.

Wings; more angelic shape now and not as gappy. one adjustable feather strip on each wing. I also added "boosters" to mostly fill out the outline shape.

Shield; she now has a seperate shield as she is a pacifist, but I included an axe that that can be folded up into the shield.

Arms; nothing special. Just the attachment port for her shield on one and a small blaster thing on the other cause why not?

Torso; same as aquaria but with different armor. Head is the same but with axons mask now.

And v1 for reference

I know it's darker but I didn't bother clearing my normal shelf for this post.


It's uh

actually a downgrade so far

I know you havent armored the limbs, but they don't look great.

Wings feel clustered

The weapon and Mask don't match either....


Jmp; she might have custom limbs in the final. The upper arms and legs are just temporary so she could stand.
The wings I went the direction of the moc Spotlight hahli mahri revamp; a bit bigger with the blades as her "feathers". I might fix it in the final as its either the test legs or the wings are topheavy on her.
Everything else is a print problem as her chest, shield, and a more peaceful looking mask like axon don't come in brutaka gold. Wish they did. Mask of life would work but I never even got the canister mata nui, let alone the Titan. Sadly the only version I have is the zevon version. And I don't have any mata gold masks.

I'll wait for the limbs and attach some silver at the shoulders and legs or something. Maybe that'll help. I might keep the silver as I like the idea her "bikini" and shield is seperate armor like the nuva armor.

Payinku; I kinda figured maybe at this inika scale it wouldn't look so bad and I liked the coverage the design had. Obviously that'll go on the change list for the final.
How's the rest if the moc though?

It's an alright idea

about the mask

you want something peaceful?

I mean, there's the Mata-Gold Masks

I don't want everything golded out but maybe distribute the silver more equally

Why would you follow suit of the worst part of that moc?
The shrapnel wings are a definite con.

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