Rhaea, Angel of Existence

Name; Rhaea
Abilities; anything and everything even making new ones up. (Though mostly a pacifist so she rarely uses them.)

Wings can detach and become a shield.
Most of my femmocs have small heels than can extend for some reason (I don't know why I always add that.)
Waist has a little pose like most of my fem Mocs
Hair is loose so it moves naturally with poses.

Yes; I know her butt, feet, wings, and hair are silver. I went for mostly pure colors and those are just to break up the black and gold. I still have the same problem as on Nakashi though; color prints don't match up and I wish we had brutaka gold nuva armor and matoran limbs.


This is quite a menacing looking MOC. The proportions are definitely wrong for a humanoid, but not so wrong that they don't make sense - the character definitely looks more monstrous than angelic because of them though. The long arms, bulky shoulders and chest (which look more like muscles than what I think you were going for) all lend to it. Plus the avohkii generally looks angry.

Also not really sure about the colours. Mixing 3 kinds of gold (the sword is different too) with yellow won't sit well with most folks.

I think you really need to work on this MOC's proportions to make her seem more like the angelic character you have in mind. There's a topic here on the messageboards that might help you out.

Or, on the other hand, angels are scary things by themselves!


That's on of my complaints; it's just that you know the takanuva armor doesn't come in that color and as for the yellow I didn't want the black to overtake the moc. Maybe once I get the pound of peices I ordered I'll see what I get then upgrade her and maybe others.
And now that you say it her waist armor is a bit bulky. I'll see if I can figure out a new fem torso.

As for the mask any suggestions on what might look good?

You're kidding me.
You've got to be.

Some comments:
The color scheme is weird, comprising of Brutaka Gold, Iruini Gold, Black, Silver, and Keetorange.
The silver really only exists on the back of the MoC, looking very out of place; especially with the the butt and the hair, which are adefinite no.

I'd rate it a 6/10.

I didn't say the mask didn't look good. I said it looks angry. That can work for an angel, no? I guess it depends what sort of presence you want your MOC to have.

I'm guessing you don't have any of the new Bionicle sets? They're so full of shiny gold parts, you really wouldn't be wanting for any more if you had them, I guess.

I have all six Toa and wave 2. I just don't have the peices I need to make them look good on a gen 1 base. Just ordered 2 pounds so I'll see what I get there.

there is not enough yellow on the MOC and if you don't have many more yellow bits remove it from the MOC it doesn'treally suit the MOC. Other than this I can't find any thing else bad about this MOC well done :grinning: