Rhaz'Gar - Abomination of the Deep

what to say, it’s a cthulu thing, and i suppose it’s noteable that it’s mainly made out of olde bionicle parts.


This is why we need to make sentient AI. So they can puzzle out how things like these are made and give me instructions :stuck_out_tongue:
But really, this is great. Good job.


This is nice. The shaping and proportions especially so.


This is amazing, it gives off an eerie vibe. I like the use of masks as armour.


Magnificent! Simply magnificent.


5 Kalmah masks? Dang son.

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Nothing short of perfect. The waist mouth is terrifying! I only wish for more pictures haha!

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That’s pretty sweet! Nice use of the Calix as shoulder pads.

What an extraordinary use of parts in this one!

I can’t really see those yellow teeth parts as eyes, and I still feel that the pelvis area is rather weak, but otherwise it’s very impressive and very well colour blocked

This moc is nothing less than awesome and because of that I want to see some more pictures.

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i like the useage of the kahlma and jaller masks/heads

I love that technique for making ribs.

beautifully horrifying 10/10 would start a cult over

One big question. How do you build that awesome chest? Black magic?

Well, chest is just a prefab piece, but i’m guessing you’re reffering to the abdomen. it’s actualy a pretty simple build, im sorta ashamed of how i made it since i can do better, but whatever, might revisit the insides some day.

Yea, the abdomen, looks awesome.