RIP in pieces Toa Varta

A few months ago I posted my custom Toa team, the Toa Varta, on the boards. Later, I mentioned some re designs, so before I tear them down, here are the Toa Varta, in their new forms. If you’re reading this, they are already destroyed- RIP in pieces Toa Varta!

That’s that, I hope to post more mocs in the future!


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They looked alright for small MOCs.

I always hate to break my MOCs up…

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@PakariNation99 Thanks, I actually destroyed every one of my mocs except for my Self moc Taro. I was starting to get bored of them, and I ordered more parts on ebay and wanted to start fresh :smile:

@The_Baron thank you boi.

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Looks neat
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