Rise Of The Demons: Ep 4 - Enter Setrix! The Dragon Knight!


So first of all I had to address my confusion related to the fact that these Rahkshi headed humanoid creatures are evolved from Dragons. Are we talking about literal dragons, like the European legends were describing them, or a more magical version of them, one specific to your universe? Also, how could a dragon survive to the present day if all of his species ‘evolved’ (quote on quote because I am not sure how a huge four-legged winged creature could evolve into a humanoid, it sound more like devolve to me) into another species? Especially considering that dragons (At least the European ones) can’t morph their body.
Also, what is the point in having dead characters (I am talking about the Demon with the golden Skull Spider Mask) in the intro, especially after they died in the very scene in which they debuted? And I still believe that the intro ends kinda abruptly.

On a brighter note, I am fascinated of how much you evolved in terms of animation. Especially that angle when the dead guy falls down.

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The Dragon thing will be explained later… the I’m planning on redoing the intro, because story plans were changed after it

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