Risebell MOC

toa of shedews leader of illumakuta burner of furno

part 1 in my attempt to create all of the cliffhorse crew!

so basic view with his scythe-staff of pain and owww

close up of weapon in scythe mode

risebell in fistful of omega tahu pecs

so I came across some problems with this moc
like I dont have a black miru
thats a problem
ah well
who cares close enough
up next is WHO KNOWS VOTE AT:



Looks radically better than mine.

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this is gr8 m8

But seriously really good GJ

Nice MOC. Very nice torso especially.

Also, I notice that I’m not on this poll. I am disappoint.

you are on wave 2
I still dont have the masks

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Can I assume I’m on wave two then?

Bro, when was it last you were even on chat?

Two days ago. I was busy yesterday.

I was expecting something completely stupid. I was pleasantly surprised by a decent moc.

not everything I post is stupid


Where an I on that list? Inform me of my status.

you arent part of the cliffhorse crew

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What is this “cliffhorse crew”?

the metru nui building crew which you arent part of

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Oh, well thank you for clarifying.

(I was on there for a while…)


Seriously I am curious now.


Pretty cool MOC though! Looks somewhat cluttered in a few areas but I’m not going to complain much.

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True, but most of it is.

And I shudder to think what you would make my moc look like.

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atm, I am only taking the people who are on the cliffhorse crew
then I will do the people who arent


I nevr get to join skyep crews…
Im forever alone… ;(

According to what you said a few posts ago, you are doing the Metru Nui Building crew. Which I am part of.