Risebell's Mission - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

So as of Nov. 2nd 3:24 Eastern time, I’ve obtained 601 Pokémon and seen 643 out of the currently 718 available.
My goal is to one day catch one of every single Pokémon and have them all organized in boxes
An example of this being:

I feel I should also give a bit of backstory to my history with Pokémon, as Pokémon gold version was the 3rd game I ever owned and has been a huge part of my life. Gold Version being basically the only game I played in my youth, it was extremely annoying that I couldn’t catch every single one due to the fact that you had to trade with other people to get them. Pokémon being deemed “uncool” at my school, catching them all was impossible for me.
Now, however, through the power of the internet it IS possible. Possible for me to Catch 'Em All.
So I call out to you, my new found friends, to help me obtain those pesky event Pokémon.
Currently the only event Pokémon I am looking for are: Mew, Arceus and Manaphy.
So if there is anyone who does have these Pokémon who would be willing to help me out, I would be extremely grateful.

For now, I am going to work towards catching the remaining 115(117 if you count Arceus and Manaphy) Pokémon. When I do, something special will happen.
(I should also make a list of these 117 I don’t have…)

I think I would also take this moment to show off my trainer card for bragging rights:



Is there even enough room in the pc box for all the Pokemon?

It’s going to be hard but I think you can do it. Good luck!


There’d more than enough room for every Pokémon plus every alternate form. The only thing preventing me from catching them all right now would be the three legendaries I’m looking for, plus anything I’d have to use PokéBank for.
Ugh… PokéBank. We should not hae to pay to transfer Pokémon.


…how did you start your game a year before its release?

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Either I’m a time traveler, I got my game illegally or for some reason my game’s clock is set a year back. I should probably check on that.

Actually where is my 3DS… I had it a while ago…
I AM THE BEST AT TAKING SCREENSHOTS. Lil’ progress report: 18 more Pokémon obtained since yesterday


Gosh dang it everyone stop liking my stuff and actually help me.



No, I am going to continue to like your posts


I liked this post for sheer irony.

As for the pokemon. That’s pretty impressive. But I can’t help you in any way.


Yah, 'fraid I’m no help.

If you READ the topic post, you’d know.

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man I wish I was useful and had pokemon you need
Sadly I dont

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Current Pokémon count: 642* obtained.

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So I’m making a list of all the Pokémon I haven’t obtained:
(Please note some of these are only the first form of the evolutionary families I have yet to obtain, for example Nidoran♀ is a Pokémon who’s entire evolutionary family I have yet to catalog in my PokéDex
29: Nidoran♀
32: Nidoran♂
46: Paras
48: Venonat
98: Krabby
100: Voltorb
114: Tangela
151: Mew
186: Politoad
203: Girafarig
228: Houndour
233: Porygon2
234: Stantler
276: Taillow
285: Shroomish
322: Numel
337: Lunatone
338: Solrock
339: Barboach
351: Castform
355: Duskull
357: Tropius
433: Chingling
466: Electivire
490: Manaphy
493: Arceus
504: Patrat
522: Blitzle
538: Throh
539: Sawk
562: Yamask
582: Vanillite
594: Alomomola
605: Elgyem
626: Bouffalant
So if you do have any of these Pokémon or any in their evolutionary families, I would be very appreciative if you could help me obtain them.


Could get you these very easily.
Friend Code: 5043-2103-5016


I think I could get you a Lunatone pretty easily. Oh, and you can have my Castform. Not like I’m ever going to use it anyway.

Friend Code: 1263 - 7483 - 9959

I’m not on very often, but I could probably coordinate a time at some point. Hope this helps somewhat!

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ive got a mew level 100 shiney if you want it

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Gimme gimme

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i will try its on black 2

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Did’ya catch 'em all?

P.S. I know nothing about Pokemon, like at all.

I can’t really give you any pokemon without your friend code…

Or am I missing something?