Risebell's Self-MoC V.4

Alrightie oh, it’s my newest self-MoC. C&C’s are needed.
He’s an blue guy.

Should he have a blue Huna or Miru Nuva?


I love this color scheme.
Gold and sky blue are two of my favorite colors.

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Or else C:<


4/20 real fake and eljay

Critique will be given soon, donut have time to write


Ah, some new photos :ok_hand:

First things first, go for the Miru. It’s a better mask, and it fits more. Furthermore, from what I’ve seen, it’s been the defacto mask for quite a while.

As for the MOC, I really dig the torso. It looks really nice, well done, and flows pretty well. Only thing I’m not a fan of are the legs and shoulders. The shoulders could really use some armor to help flush with the upper arms better. Then there’s the legs, and they look kind of lazily done and thrown together. Perhaps some redesigning could fix these up. Otherwise, really nice MOC so far :ok_hand:


Much like what Ventum said I really like his torso, though his arms could use a bit more armor. Also it would be awesome if you could somehow configure aviators made of lego on him

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@Ventum Similar to the previous Self-Moc, I’ll have to improve the arms n’ legs as I go.

@Stoax I plan to do that should I ever make a black, purple and gold self-MoC.

Good deal :ok_hand:

I think the Miru Nuva would look better; fit in with the MoC’s appearance better.

Very nice.

The Noble Huna seems a bit small. Go with the Miru Nuva.

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I see you got some inspiration from Polish Husaria… I ment Tahu /jk

Moc looks preety darn good… well… not counting legs :wink:
…and is preety Dope!

As for the mask, I say Macku Mas… cough …Blue Huna, eaventho Miru nuva is your original selfmoc mask (from what ive seen)

Why? I dunno… well becouse:

  1. It seems too big for this iteration (or whatever that word was xP)
  2. Design does not quite work for this edition

Uno more thingimaginga…
Try using diferent sizes of CCBS armour and some CCBS add-ons! :blush:

Very nice, though I must say I prefer the Huna. Also, interesting background…

Steroid Omega Tahu, GO!


So do you just completely reboot you’re self moc every other month?

Any ways… Don’t remember what the last one looked like exactly so can’t tell if I like this more but I do think you should keep the Miru.


Personally, I feel the Miru looks too wide, and that it makes the neck look too…stubby.

So…you’re an Oreo now?

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An Oreo with swag glasses.

It’s because of Slime’s Mafia game. I’m called Oreo. So I’m an Oreo until I die in the game or it is over.

But this topic is about Risebell’s self-MoC, not my avatar.


miru better fits and with it being a self moc and all

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gonna be honest
this one’s cool, but I preferred the previous



Seems like I’m the only one who likes the mask he has now.

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@Risebell I like the current mask as well…