We love you, Robo-Lifter <3

(EDIT: I touched up the lighting on all the photos)


bro, do you even lift?! :joy:

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I always love little mechs like this

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Noice bro. How much can it bench? Three? Maybe four? (Ounces. ; P)

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Woah. This looks incredibly good.

I like it, the blocky appearance really gives him a more hefty vibe.

I really like how the overall look works together.

Mech looks really cool!

I like the bird…

Is that bird what I think it is? a bird of a certain hated robot turret?


Nifty. Do you think we could get some more pictures of the mech by itself?

This is really neat, I really like sleek system MOCs.
My favorite detail has to be the crow though. :grinning: