Roborider Reviews

So besides stop-motion, I decided to join the review scene!

Checkout my first two videos: removed

Sorry about the quality of said videos. I have to wait a few months to get a decent camera, though.

I plan on reviewing the rest of the sets this week, so I'll update this topic going forward.

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Sorry about this, but unfortunately this video counts as advertising, as such it belongs in the Promotions and Advertising forum. However, you have to be at the Trust Level 3 rank of "Master" to post a topic there. Meaning you will not be able to post your video on this site until you reach the Master rank.

We do this so that people don't come on these boards only to advertise their own content off site.

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Alternatively, you can type up a text based review and post it here when ever you want:

I'll make sure this is clearer on the rules for the Videos category.

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