Rockho's BIONICLE MOC: Spike

Presenting the giant mutated tortoise; Slash

Slash and Newtralizer

Feedback, criticism, and improvements are always welcomed!

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Looks like a turtle.

I like turtles. stuck_out_tongue

Nice job!


Nice usage of the Ben 10 torso plate! One thing I'm not sure of is the red spikes on his arms, they feel a little out of place. Other than that, great MOC!


The magenta spikes on his arms and hands was a last minute decision. He just looked too bland and dark without that bright contrast (wish I had more of them though :confused:)


Teen-age mutant ninja tortious!

JK, man. I really like how you used the Ben Ten chest plate for a good cause. Although, the Ben Ten symbol still annoys me.


Pretty good. The gold looks a little bit out of place, but it contrasts fairly well. It also looks very solid, which is always a good thing for a MOC.

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It 'aint gold. It's dark tan. Thanks for the feedback though!

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these are very nice. looks like an alligator. what's the brown thing on his chest?

Is this Ninjer Terduls?

His Morning Star is attached to his waist.


I'm quite sure he ought to have a bigger "shell" than he does. Possibly redo the shell in pieces that you have more of, like silver. Besides that, he looks interesting enough; the torso still ought to have a more prominent shell motif.


Do you mean his back shell plating or the front? Either way, I don't really see the issue with it

How would I do this? I thought the huge Ben 10 plate already finished the job

Both sides.

The Ben 10 plate is large enough, but you made the torso much larger than would be covered by the plate alone.

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You did a nice job with recreating a tortoise look, it really looks like it!
The only thing that bothers me is head. I think a little detailing would help it a lot, but that's just my personal.


Huh. Nice,



I like it, I wouldn't want to come across that morning star anytime soon but I like it...


He does a good job capturing the reptile feel. Feels like an actual turtle.
Although it can be confused with a Crocodile/Gator.
Add a red cape and crown and you have yourself CCBS King K. Rool.

It is still really good and I can tell what it is, it just takes a second.


UPDATE: I have modified a few things with this MOC

  • Most obvious change is his gargantuan gorilla-like forearms using Metru bodies. The Av-Matoran legs didn't give it enough articulation, so that was what I wanted to change the most.

  • Upper arms use Vahki waists...with a few Bohrok eyes and system bits to beef it up. In other words, this was the only decent upper arm design that I could come up with...

  • Managed to wedge in some small Metru thigh armor on the sides of his body to beef the torso up; make him wider to complement his giant forearms

  • Removed Pink Spikes

Switching out the arms also gave me an opportunity to rebuild Gresh...which unfortunately suffers from a very lose right leg...curse you 08 joints.

What do you guys think of this upgrade?


UPDATE. Changed the upper arms to CCBS so it flows a bit better.

Though it would've been better in green than black...

My prayers have been answered!

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