Rockho's BIONICLE MOCs: Mutants of The Swamp of Secrets

The Mutated Bat; Battler

The Mutilated Grotto; Grottor

The Frenzied Hunger; Stalactick

Grottor and Stalactick are mutated stone/Shadow Leech hybrids that emerged from the Swamp of Secrets shortly after the Shadow Leech Hive was destroyed.

Feedback, Criticism, and Improvements are always welcomed!


I like the Grottor and Stalactick, very alien looking. I especially like the Grottors head design!


Thanks! smile

But is there anything you don't like?

Battler: That head is pretty awesomely carried out, and since he's animalian the unarmored limb pieces work out. The claws are a pretty nifty design as well. I don't like the way you attached the Bohrok eyes onto the arms, and I think he needs more Mata Red in his torso/shoulder region. That, and take out the random trans-green armor piece. If you wanted to seriously work at improving him, you could take out the gunmetal armor on his other arm and torso as well.

Grottor: Color layering is pretty nifty, try to do stuff like that more often. Can't say that the way you did the feet worked out the way you intended it to be, and the armor/spike placement in the torso is quite random. The trans blue piece on the torso armor also seems a bit random.

Stalactick: Again, the attempted feet designs don't work out, but I like what you did with the torso.

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unlike the previous mocs, which had controversy, these mocs are solid and nice. definately something i'd see in the swamp of secrets, aint got nothin negative.


Hmmm.. the legs of The Battler could use more spikes like the rest of the MOC.


This is what your good MOCs look like.


I like that 2nd one's head smile


These are imcrebidal!!!

There's just something really appealing about that Grottor. Battler looks good enough, though the clashing bright and dark red is a bit weird, not to mention that neon-green CCBS piece on his forearm. Stalactick just looks...okay. Could probably use better armor coverage, but the color scheme's solid. These are all still good.

Battler: 7/10
Grottor: 8/10
Stalactick: 6/10

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Battler reminds me of this guy.

There was seriously no other way to decently attach them on with that single pin hole

That's supposed to represent swamp moss/plant decay...

jk, I ran out of gunmetal 3 long armor plates

But, how would that work if I kept the gunmetal claws? Should I remove those too to balance out the colour scheme?

Being CCBS legs, I don't think I can add more spikes (adding shells would make them too bulky).