Rockho's self moc

looks nothing like the actual moc, but I did the head and neck before I even looked at the moc, so sorry he doesn’t have a hunched over appearance, but I didn’t want it looking too much like Thunder (from Hero Factory), I also wish I could have drawn the moc’s golden thighs, but oh well…


Fixed Spelling in Title - BioSquire

Looks pretty good

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I-It’s beautiful…I am genuinely flabbergasted and thankful that you took the time to do this…

wait is that the skagox on my shoulder :smirk:


Well, I noticed you liked it a little to much in the last post of mine… so yes it is a baby Skagox!

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He looks proud, really nice job

nice meme fellow human being


I always think that Thunder’s head looks very similar with Split Face’s one.

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Heh, I did to, in fact I made a split face replica with that piece once upon a time.

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Indeed, as much as I hate being associated with those two lackeys


Jang do always what the folks want.