Rode Mangai: Tiro 1.0

The Kanohi Rode is a big mask, lending itself to the gravitas inherent in larger builds.
I don’t have a Rode, but I did want to make this Ice Mangai the largest.

Indeed he does stand above the others(mostly thanks to the thigh build I came up with for my Icarax)

With the silver and black laced into his Metru white base, Tiro sits in line with the other “silvers”
I name him after the Tiro canyon between ko-wahi and po-wahi.

“Time to bring out the heavy artillery”
Those of you who watched Hero factory might remember the arm cannon that Rotor had before his capture. I’m giving Tiro something similar but “icey”. On his other arm is a mounted kite shield that I will probably upgrade later.

I’m definitely interested in his character regarding my “Tuyet’s Regime” lore. His Rode should allow him to see through the deception of Tuyet and Nidhiki. If he wasn’t killed by Darkhunters, what might he do…?

Also here’s Tiro with the Akaku as a proxy. I’ll stick with the Ignika until I get a proper Rode.
Hope you enjoy.


ah this is actually very cool (no pun intended)
i like the techniques used for the legs
casually shows off his silver inika


Pretty nice. The bigger body looks great, pretty similar to Axonn, it feels kinda weird to see a Toa this big, yet he looks cool among the others.

Yeah it is a good placeholder.