Rogue Order of Mata Nui Member: Ikanae

Today I'm showing off a simpler MOC that I built a little while ago. Presenting...

Ikanae, Rogue Order of Mata Nui member.

For those of you who are familiar with G1 lore, Ikanae served valiantly under Helryx in the Toa-Dark Hunter war until betraying his comrades and murdering a fellow order member. Cast away in a tiny boat into the sea of protodermis, Ikanae has been but a murky tale told late at night. Until now.


He kind of looks like a junk pile sewn together.


Very cluttered, I suggest trying to make him smaller.

This looks like what I gave birth to after eating Taco Bell and sandpaper.


Wow brutal. But I agree with you guy's.

this might be a good idea.


I'm sorry but I don't like the bottom legs at all.

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Yeah, this would probably be a good one to redesign. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

@Ranaki_Pakewa Alright, that's a little harsh, sure, but still a freaking hilarious comment.


That neck... :stuck_out_tongue:

As the others have said, it feels pretty cluttered. If you're gonna redo him, I recommend taking pictures against a single uniform backdrop (not sure why you used three different ones here :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also, is your flash on? Because your pics have a bit of a glare.


Don't like how you used Kalmah's feet, loo'm so very cluttered. The mask and body foot look out of place next to the darker red. As does Kalmah's armour shell.

The torso is a weird shape. To wide a chest compared to the waist. Not helped by the fact that the chest area is very large, even in normal circumstances.

Overall though, I don't mind it