Rogue Overseer V.2

Here's the second version of an older moc that hasn't been on the boards. One of my favorite builds honestly, I just love the color scheme.

This is the Rogue Overseer, or just Ro. Being an observance and tactics droid, Ro was a former "Community Warden", until becoming self-aware and abandoning her post. She was promptly decommissioned, but escaped the junker's lot before being reduced to scrap. Since then she has altered her appearance with various paints and suitable scrap metals, most notable of these alterations being the "hair", which is in reality a mess of cables and metal welded together and painted..

The model has a surprisingly good range of motion, despite some issues in the waist.

It's also a very sturdy build, except for the knees, which come apart every so often.

Comments and critiques are appreciated! Let me know what you think of the build!


Looks really nice, I love the color blocking and smoother textures :smile:

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reminds me of Shadowgear's circut, but dang is she pretty! Nice feet and accessories btw

also giving portal vibes


circut was the first thing i thought of when i saw this moc.

Is this a Portal?

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Fantastic shaping.

Thanks guys! Shadowgear has been quite an inspiration as of late, but I didn't actually have Circuit, or any other model specifically, in mind when I built Ro. I just really liked the cyclops eye. And yeah, a lot of people have pointed out the portal resemblance, which is funny to me since I really didn't see it until it was pointed out.


Fantastic shaping and really eye catching colors!

Very unique, the combination of System and Technic works amazingly here.

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Looks quite interesting