Role Name Bug?

So whilst I was looking at my account
I noticed something odd with the roles

Instead of the roles Villager, Protector and Master.
It instead they are called Basic, Member and Regular
Whenever you get the pop up profile about them

I just want to check if this is known about at all


I am special /s I noticed that too as well.

yeah, same here.

Discourse might’ve done away with that.

Well if you click on “title” it’s just had Basic Member, Member, etc. not the BIONICLE-style names of Villager, Protector, & Master, etc.

Maybe they changed it because Bionicle is over?

You mean the G2 style of names…

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I’m pretty sure these used to be the names for Villager, Protector and Master, so it could be a code glitch displaying these names again, but it could be because Bionicle is over again.
I doubt its the latter, because Bionicle G2 has been over since August 2016, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to change now. I think its the former, that it’s just a bug, but it could be the latter, because G2 ended.

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Maybe it’s a way so that TTV can stay away from Bionicle as much as possible so that they seem more appealing to newcomers. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! CONSPRIACY!!!