Romance In Brickonicle? [POLL]

Well yes, I completely agree. But, for now, I think its better to put forwards alternate ideas and wait until someone puts forward individual romances rather than trying to fight an entire concept. (Even if it brings in the potential for things I don’t like any more than you do)

I think it’s a waste of time. At no point will my opinion ever change regarding this. Were it left up to me, romance would be like in G1 - 100% non-canon. So I’m far more inclined to completely reject the entire concept. As a compromise, I’m fine with it being a background theme, or even letting the Toa become romantically involved with others outside the group.

However, I will put my foot down at the Toa dating each other, every single time.


I think that’s enough. While Kahi wishes to keep these options open for the future, it remains that no current pitch goes further than that.

So, I think it would be better if we stepped back, and waited until something does break your concessions. (not just us, but everyone here in general)

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It’s like you’ve been saying for a while. We can’t really finish this discussion until we determine exactly what their relationship is.

I agree, defining a character’s relationships is a big part of defining a character; which is why I created a new, different topic, where we can discuss just that without all this (frankly toxic) baggage that comes with the “romance” tagline.

Relationships Topic

I’m not saying anyone is behaving badly, per say, but that this subject has gotten to personal to advance further here.

Definitely agree with this. In the Overwatch fandom alone, there are tons of very popular ships that happen with characters that literally haven’t even interacted in canon (HanzoxMcCree, for one, last I checked). Shippers don’t even need an inch to take a mile. They’ll just make up the inches in their head, and then do fifty fan comics about it.

You can also write a really great story without main characters that are female (Shawshank Redemption), or that don’t have a villain (the Martian). Unless that reasoning extends to say there should be no Gali and no Makuta also, I don’t think that it holds up.

Romance isn’t a distraction, unnecessary or a waste of time by concept. That’s the notion I keep trying to combat with what I’m saying here. There’s definitely no logical reason to stop it from ever happening.

Please do not do the moderator’s job. This conversation concerning romance in Bionicle is still relevant to this original topic’s intent, and promoting your “own” topic as the “correct” place to talk about a subject is overstepping your bounds. Our staff members and members of the TTV Cast are who ultimately decide what is on topic or not.

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Worth a try. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, I didn’t start that topic just because I think this one was irrelevant, but also because there were some ideas which I wish to discuss and expand upon.

I was “promoting” my topic (who am I kidding, it was a shameless plug /s) because I wanted more input on the discussion which is going in there, not to steal the one going on here.

The other opinions which I have expressed concerning the concluding of this discussion do not constitute a demand a demand to have it shut down or moved, but a personal effort of persuasion, which I assumed is well within my role as a user, although I may have been mistaken. (I may have been disruptive in some way earlier? If so, I apologize)

I’m just trying to make that case that I don’t think this conceptual battle is really useful at this point in time, as there isn’t really anything concrete “on the table” at the moment. (Is the hypothetical abstraction of shipping better than the hypothetical abstraction of not shipping? Does it really matter without a concrete proposal for the story?)

Again, this is an opinion, not a call for some sort of boycott.

The point I was trying to make earlier in more poorly worded plug was that there are other things worth talking.

And anyway, even if we did unanimously decide to ban romance as an idea from the universe entirely, knowing you, you’d still suggest anything you thought was a good idea for the series (and you probably would not be wrong to do so).

I agree with Eljay’s opinion all the way

ToaXMatoran could also work. experiment on ways that could play out of you guys want to…

also, if Pohatu is a girl in G3, KopakaXPohatu will most likely be a thing

(The Bromance will no longer be a bromance. also, shame me, i dare ya.)

So this is what I don’t get.
You, and others, are okay with matoran x matoran, and you’re okay with matoran x toa, but not toa x toa?

If the matoran and the toa are the same speies ( as you guys proposed that the main toa originally be matoran), how does it “naturally” make sense to “segregate” a specific group from having a love interest in each other?
I get your reasons for not wanting romance in bionicle; I see your worry that love will become the main focus.
But, from the way you all have directed the coming of the to a, not having love, I believe, makes it more weird than the alternative.

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It’s less a matter of Toa not being “compatible” in the universe, more that we just don’t think that it will fit with the characters.

We aren’t really discussing any individual ships at the moment, Jon is just making a general plea for us too keep open minds.

Pretty sure us ‘others’ already explained this, we’re not against toa x toa, we’re against Mata X Mata.

In this case, though, it could be argued that they’re effectively one in the same, since the only Toa we’re currently dealing with actually are the Mata.
Personally, I’m against Mata X Anyone, as stated all the way back in Posts #47 and #49, though I do believe that it should still remain in the background at the very least.


Well, I wouldn´t personally mind any romance, I just want it to be decent and to make sense. Love is free anyway!

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It’s already been decided that G3 Pohatu is a dood, my m80.

And that’s a good thing! The bromance is something that should definitely be expounded upon in G3, not replaced. At least in my opinion.

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like that can stop KopakaXPohatu


Man, that’s kind of a shame. I could actually see Pohatu being similar to Yang if he did end up being a girl. Oh well…

Nothing can stop shippers. Which is why they’re best left completely ignored.


true, true


I’m not interested in romantic drama between the Toa. Leave it canon, but keep it to the Matoran exclusively.