Romance In Brickonicle? [POLL]

now though I have an idea that as I said with pohatu and voriki now this is following my NON-CANON anonna idea so only 3 toa die onua pohatu and lewa but what if we didn't end with these guys because I think G2 was too short so we could do a new generation of toa in year 4 back to the anonna idea voriki and pohatu are married in secret (pohatu's mistake seeing as he had no idea about anonna) and leaves her with child and due to political rebuilding affairs in Ihu for the following year leaves a stone/lightning hybrid for the next generation of toa but then again maybe I should stick with back story stuff for after year 3

Hybrids are cannonically not possible, due to the elemental rules. Matoran can only be born of either of the parents element, and the region the closest to the matoran when the matoran is born is the one who bestows their power. So you have an Ihuan, and a Motaran who give birth to a child, if the child is born closer to Motara, then the matoran is born like a Motaran.

Considering the special case of the lightning tribe, maybe this is different.

Actually, now that @lordvaldek671 mentions it, repopulating the Lightning Tribe could be a thing that comes up.

He also mentions a new generation of Toa after Year 3 which I actually agree with. I think the third year should be the end of our current Toa and their arcs. I think trying to give them another three years worth of development could run the risk of them overstaying their welcome. Also, Year 4 would provide an entry point for new fans so they wouldn't have to watch the first 3 Seasons to understand this one. Then there's just the novelty of having a new team of 6 characters that have a different dynamic from the previous one.

It depends on how the story pans out before we start thinking of that, methinks, particularly since it's unclear how long the cast would want the story to continue.

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I think I have to clear this up because as far as I was concerned, this was all established but ok, so:

  • Romance is canon as the matoran reproduce.
  • As far as I'm concerned, love in G3 is no different to love in human life and society and stories can be structured in a more natural and relatable way.
  • Matoran reproduce biologically and I assume like humans but we do not need to get into that.
  • If matoran of 2 different regions have a child, the child is aligned to one of the two parent's region alignment. This gives the child 50% chance of either region.
  • Pohatu and Voriki will not happen probably.

Now some other issues.

  • All Toa will survive to the end of the 3 year arc, what happens after is tbd until the 3 years are locked down.
  • Annona should be left out of the romance thread until we have a solid pitch for Annona, of which, I once again remind you all, one does exist.
  • A hybrid with the lightning tribe. Dudes, the INIKA, what if this is how the Inika are created. Problem with this is that, we must first discover the lightning tribe then we need a time jump to the point that a lightning matoran has had a child with another matoran from mainland Arthaka.
  • Year 4 if it exists will have a shuffle up in the line up of Toa but we should not focus on anything post year 3, it's pointless until we get the first 3 years done.
  • @lordvaldek671 this concerns your last post, it is a bit difficult to read given the punctuation but from what I see, you're still thinking too far ahead.

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Also the birth alignment of the child matoran canonically depends on the location of their birth. I'm of the opinion that it's dumb, because the parents could literally move around to choose what their child looks like. Also because of the issue of power strength relies on being in your region which is also really dumb in my opinion.


your right just like reletionship in stories especially if it involves them going kamakazi to save the other

They probably won't be sacrificing themselves.

ok that's fine

LoVe IsN’t CaNoN!

If there would be love Toa and Matoran should both have it. Many Toa were Matoran once, so it would be like as they become Toa they gain/lose the ability to love. That doesn’t make sense.

I think there could be love in Toa, but only with each-other. It would be weird to imagine Hewki dating Macku the way he is now, right?

i think the artist of this comic strip might have asked the same question when they came up with it:

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Somehow they made it look cute. My mind was almost changed from this…

I know this is old and everything, but I’m just reading back through and I find it extremely ironic that Kahi of all people was being more mature and reasonable about all this than most of the people in the argument.

Just putting that out there :stuck_out_tongue:

also this because it’s true and makes me sad, RIP serious Cole who also happened to be scared of dragons