Rooftop chat: a Nightwing and Batman character study

So the background for this story is simple. I wanted to understand ■■■■ and Bruce better, so I wrote this to try and get a better handle on them. Please leave your thoughts below.

The night was cold, even by Gotham standards. A light snowfall was blanketing the city, obscuring the grime and corruption that infected the city. These were the types of nights Batman loved best. No one on the roads, in the alleyways, and only a slight chance of trouble from one of his super villains. It was just him and the city. Perfect.

"Thought I'd find you here. Wayne Tower's kind of a giveaway though if someone sees you." Batman grimaced. He had known ■■■■ was in town of course, but conversations between the two of them were always uncomfortable, so he had come up here to try and avoid him.

"What do you need, Nightwing?" Batman asked

"Since when do I have to need something to show up uninvited? And what's with the codename? We're on to of Wayne Tower. No one can hear us, Bruce!"

Batman flinched at the use of his real name. "It's standard protocol. You know that"

"Ah yes, protocol. How many times did that almost get us killed?"

"How many times did it keep us alive?"

"Fair point." ■■■■ conceded, before muttering under his breath "I wonder if protocol had anything to do with the green speedo..."

"What was that?" Bruce asked.

"Nothing. Just musing."

Bruce turned to look at ■■■■ for the first time since they'd been talking. For an instant he only saw the boy he'd raised, clad in that ridiculous red and green outfit he'd worn. But then the vision vanished, revealing the man he'd become. He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a sudden commotion below. In the distance the two vigilantes could see a long train of police cruisers racing somewhere.

"Time to go?" ■■■■ asked.

"Time to go." Bruce responded, simultaneously grabbing his grappling gun from his belt. In one swift motion he fired it towards a nearby building and swung off the rooftop into the air. He could hear ■■■■ doing the same behind him. As they descended, ■■■■ spoke.

"So what was the green speedo all about anyway?"

"Shut up and move"

*for the record, the censored words are just Nightwing's real name.


I find it funny how Nightwing's name is Removed


Yeah. I did not anticipate that happening.


I understand why NightWing's Name is censored.
After all his name is the D Word.


maybe because he is a ■■■■


I should give up now.


Can everyone just stop talking about the censoring and talk about the story?

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Why not just replace it with his full name? Richard instead of his shortened name that everyone uses

Very nice chat between Bruce and Richard on the rooftop. grin

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Its a shame people don't seem to realise that his nickname is not his actual name... two points to Blue_Beetle for knowing his real name.

As for the character study, is it just me or is Batman like constantly harsh to his companions. So much so I can understand why all his sidekicks eventually end up hating him... there is a difference between dark and brooding and just being a jerk xD