Rooster Teeth's RWBY [Discussion]

Finished the volume. Some things seemed tacky and over-the-top, i.e, the portal scene, the oversized maiden swords, and the pacing felt kinda odd or fast. Other than that, I’d say it was alright.

It’s not that I’m looking for something “Family Friendly” I just didn’t enjoy the humor.

The last episode felt pretty slow-paced to me.
Second to last was pretty insane, though.


The last episode was fine, but the whole illusion thing felt kinda shoehorned, IMO.

RWBY is probably my favorite series of all time, for many reasons. I hate that some people call it “fake anime” though, since it’s much better than a lot of anime. I just don’t let the haters bother me.

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Tbh they’re right, rwby has nothing on real anime like Cory in the house


It really depends on how you define anime. The generally accepted definition for an anime is an animated show from Japan. Under this definition, RWBY isn’t really an anime. However, if you define an anime by the style of animation, RWBY could be classified as an anime by (even though it’s animated in 3D while most anime are in 2D).

Personally, I don’t consider it an anime, but I recognize that it could be considered one.


I personally consider RWBY ‘Fake anime’ and by that I mean it’s a western animation made to look like the anime style. Think Avatar, Korra, Voltron, ETC. As for it’s quality…eeeehhh…

I’ve never been a huge fan of RWBY, but I’m up to date on everything just to see where it goes. I started watching just before Volume 3, and have been watching weekly ever since.

As for it being better than most anime… maybe? There’s just so, so many anime out there and they’re not all gems. But I’d say that most quality anime could easily beat out RWBY.

That’s just my opinion though.


You’re right. xD

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Volume 5 fell flat for me. It felt… Really boring and plain.
At least Voume 4 had a kind of suspense and emphasis for me personally. It had buildup and emotion. Volume 5 feels like they didn’t concentrate in the things that were needed.
At least the first three didn’t feel like they pandered on too much. They built up to the climax and gave us a satisfying twist. I mean 4 did have loads of pandering.
I’m not saying the first three were better then the last two or they’re prefect. They have plenty of mistakes in what they did. A lot of things they did in 5 felt pointless like killing off what seemed to be a cool character and not using what came from killing her that well. They just wasted it on Adam bringing 5 grunts with him and running away… and fell flat on their heads.

Maybe I just liked 4 too much. Or I’m salty

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All the RWBY volumes are good. Though 5 is my least favorite.

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RWBY is anime as Japan considers it an anime. The only people who don’t see it as anime are people not from Japan who have sticks up their butts.


“Anime” is simply Japan’s word for anything animated, so anything animated, from the Bionicle G2 animations to Ninjago’s TV show to Naruto, is anime to Japan. Outside of Japan, “anime” is typically used to define animation specifically from japan. So, by that definition, RWBY isn’t an anime, because it isn’t made in japan. However, by the actual meaning of the word, RWBY is anime… but so is anything animated.

Basically, RWBY isn’t an anime by the colloquial meaning of the word, but it is by the official meaning of the word. But the same thing applies to every animated show that isn’t from Japan, regardless of art style.



So by this logic(the first sentence) shrek is an anime. I am very ok with this

Farquaad-sama better get ready for squeaver chan


Ho boi this debate.

If we’re being technical, RWBY is usually referred to as an American anime, or more so as an American anime-style series. So it’s done in a style derived from anime, but not an actual anime, unlike an animation made in Japan, which is considered a true anime.

If that makes any sense.

This just feels unnecessary.


It could really fall under both.

I see it as more of an anime styled show rather than an actual anime, like someone taking influence from the art form. Others may go for the “if it walks like a duck” idea, in that it looks like anime.

I think it depends on who’s looking at it.


I am quite comfortable with my stick thank you very much.


What’s sticks got to do with this?
The Japanese word for ‘cartoon’ is ‘anime’ while the rest of us call the Japanese animation style ‘anime.’
Thanks W12 and Invader. It stands that since we don’t call Veggie Tales, Bionicle or Pixar anime, neither was this series.
A chili that is like Texas chili, but does not follow the recipe of Texas chili is not Texas chili.


on the subject if rwby is an anime (Watch the video it’ll make sense)

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That might be the most meta OP I’ve heard. not that I’ve heard a lot of OPs

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