Rooster Teeth's RWBY [Discussion]

Not really.

Semi grounded. At least to me. My point is that the genie is a major element that doesn’t feel like it fits in with what we’ve seen before.

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Well yeah. That’s stupid.


That and I’ve noticed the design is a bit more “mature” for lack of a better word, than anything I would expect from the show. Which doesn’t help in how off putting it is.

to be fair she’s pare for the course for jinn

TBH, I think the first 4 episodes alone are already better than Volume 5 in it’s entirety. At least we finally get some well needed exposition.

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“Life finds a way…”
So, RWBY works by spontaneous generation?
Dust + pitchfork= man
Sugar + spice + dust = woman
Two women + two bedroom townhouse = baby
Postage stamps + canned dog food = dog
Subterranean lizard + radiation = dragon?
Makes sense.
In any case, season 6 hasn’t been frustratingly awful like 5 was.


Wait when did season 6 start? I havent seen anything about it. Weird, usually the episodes pop up in my recommended.

Volume 6 is only on the Rooster Teeth app and Website.

Is that forever or just a temporary thing?

Probably permanent. Though it isn’t that big a deal. The app is completely free.


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RWBY Series 1.5


the arrow goes into the foot lol



Bless her. Bless the cinnamon roll and protect that smile.

Really happy she’s finally back. I thought her reveal was going to be something a lot more tragic, maybe with her being a new Penny with no previous memories, but I’m alright with this result… though given Watts’ computer shenanigans in the intro, I’m a bit wary in case anyone tries anything against her later on. Guess there’s nothing else we can do but stay tuned in this case.

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To be honest I stopped watching after Volume 4. But after this, I have to catch up. This has given me a reason to really get back into RWBY.

Personally, my views on RWBY as a show and how it’s handled are all over the place - there’s a lot of great steps forward, a lot of bumps in the road, and a fair share of odd decisions - but overall, I still enjoy the world and its characters and want to keep following them.

Y’now, even after Volume 5.

If you can survive Volume 5, well, you’re in for a pretty swell ride in Volume 6. It has its hiccups, but I’d say it’s the best season RWBY’s had since Volume 3.


I agree…to a point. I actually didn’t mind Volume 5 all that much, as I really enjoyed seeing the gang back together. Volume 6 was awesome until the last third; everything with Adam and Cordovin and the Kaiju Grimm/robot totally lost me.

That dismemberment MOC is something. I may have thrown up.
Hoping Rooster Teeth does better than S5 and the end of S6 in future seasons and series.

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