RoT Precursor: Shine On, Sister of the Light

Today was a very unique day for the Matoran called Solinari. It was a day full of hope, and a day full of mourning for her and her brothers and sisters. For today was the day the Heroes they had long wished for had finally come to their aid, to save them.

However, today was also the day they would leave their homes, and live with the knowledge that they were destroyed almost immediately upon leaving..

Solinari lived in the Great Heart. She was among many who lived there in peace, until the Corruption came. It rained in the form of green, slimy spherical slugs with fangs that would drain one of their light. But it all changed when the New Heroes arrived. They stopped the Corruption, and gave the promise that with them around, the Great Spirit would live once more.

This promise was fulfilled, and before the Rising of the Great Spirit, a white and gold being, the seventh of the New Heroes, led all the Matoran, and their now purified brothers and sisters out of the Great Heart, and onto the Southern Mainland of the Realm of the Great Spirit.

While Solinari knew not much about these Heroes, she knew one thing for sure. She wanted more than anything to become one. To become like a Knight Errant, traveling the realm, rescuing the innocent, fighting evil, and doing all that Heroes did.

However, something went very wrong on the voyage to the Continent, and Solinari found herself separated from her friends, and all alone on the landmass, Jetpack broken, and very much on her own. She abandoned the jetpack, and continued walking, searching for someone who could help her.

After what felt like days, but was mere hours, Solinari had found something. It was a small, simple, stone building that looked as though it were in shambles. It was simply out there in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere.

As it was the only thing for quite some distance, Soli approached the small building, and inside, she was greeted by a broken Statue, a cracked Tablet, and a small box, all in a row, with the statue on her left, the box on her right, and the Tablet directly in front of her. On it was writing.

"Here lay a hero. Beneath the very shrine you stand in, as well as in the air you breath, and the water you swim in, be the remains of this hero. He was one so brave as to give his life to protect all of ours"

"Though he was indeed brave, there was fear in his heart. His true strength was revealed when he managed to do what needed to be done in spite of that fear."

"Before he passed, he knew that his sacrifice would not end the need for heroes in this Realm. For he or she who desires more than anything to honor his sacrifice, your Destiny awaits you"

Solinari thought it most awesome and inspiring. She could still read it regardless of the cracks that ran through it, and she felt the meaning of the words. She decided then that the broken statue was made in the honor and likeness of the Hero. He was no doubt...a Toa.

And so Solinari opened the box, and inside was a small tablet, which had only the image of a hand holding a piece of stone, like a brick.

After looking around for a while, Soli reasoned that there must be something hidden in the Shrine. She began pulling at various bricks that made the walls up, but to no avail. She leaned on the pedestal on which the tablet was, but in doing so, she knocked over the tablet, causing the cracks to become larger, and it breaking altogether.

And on the wall that the tablet had been covering up, one brick had, in very faint, worn, almost unnoticeable writing, a single word inscribed in it.

Soli grabbed the brick, and pulled it out, revealing in a small cache...a stone. It glowed faintly, and so Solinari grabbed it, as she thought of what her Destiny might be. How mayhaps one day she could become a Toa, strong, armored, powerful, and then, when she made contact with the stone, everything changed.

She had grown taller, more powerful, and the small tool she was carrying had become a spear with a blade that glowed a faint blue at all times. She felt Light running through her organic veins and mechanical components, and the Kiril on her face had a strength about it that she was not used to.

Upon looking herself over, she had become that which she most desired. A Toa. She looked onward to the horizon, as she walked to wherever the light guided her.


This was a pretty good one. Although we didn't really learn too much about Soli, it was a very nice precursor.

The whole implied Toa thing was done very well. I liked all the nods to the lore.

By the way, what does RoT stand for?

I don't know whether you've explained it or plan on releasing that information when you make the RoT.

Whatever it is, pretty intrigued! smile

Very interesting story. Upon reading the writing on the shrine, I guessed that the deceased hero was Matoro. Mainly because of how it said why he was a hero, "He was one so brave as to give his life to protect all of ours," and, "Though he was indeed brave, there was fear in his heart. His true strength was revealed when he managed to do what needed to be done in spite of that fear."
When it said that Light ran through her, is that implying that she is another Toa of Light? Or is that just because she came a Toa?

She lived in what I referred to as "The Great Heart"

Only one type of Matoran lives there, so yes, she's another Toa of Light.

And actually, the Toa was not Matoro, but rather the member of Jovan's team from way back when, during the Great Disruption.


Huh, this looks interesting, and you've actually done a good job creating a believable, non-Mary-Sue-ish Toa Of Light so far. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

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