Rota Lorem (self MOC)

Rota Lorem comes from combining the Latin words turn or turning and generator(steam generator) which goes along with the steampunk vibe. I built the first iteration four years ago when I was ten. I appritiate constructive and positive feedback. Enjoy.



Lol they didn’t upload working on it. Slow wifi

@PakariNation99 Fixed it.

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Sir you are being hunted is the first game it reminded me of

Also Double posting is against the rules
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Gets the job done well of capturing that steampunk look you were going for.


@Stoax My idea was to make it look steampunk without using any brown.

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he double posted again! you can edit your post man just do that

anyway the moc looks pretty cool

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Thanks tried doing that many times. I think my iPad was glitching.

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Looks great. only complaint is that the hips seem too wide.

They don’t seem as wide in person. That’s the hard thing with cameras.

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He looks great. Nice job

Dang! These pictures aren’t half bad, and neither is this MOC!

I don’t have any qualms about how thin he is, I think it really fits him, and the overall aesthetic is very cohesive!

Well done!

When he dies he’ll go to Bioshock heaven. Where automail is free and it’s perfectly legal to have fire shoot out of various contraptions, regardless of the necessity

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I like it.
#the steampunk is real


Is that a cyclops with a monocle, or just a faceless guy with a monocle?

Faceless with a monocle where his right eye should be

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I quite like this chap.

It doesn’t have a face, which is good for personification with the whole top hat+mono glass thing, but it’s not the best strategy for looking like a bionicle. Still, great MOC.