Rowl and a Titan WIP

So I tried to make a system moc. Given my 1 mixel,I had to make it small. Here’s Rowl.

It ain’t stable,but it’s pretty neat.
But what’s this?A WIP?Of a titan size?!

Guess this game’s a foot.
Cause,that’s the WIP’s foot.

I also built a torso.

Critiques and criticisms are greatly appreciated!
Recommendations are strongly suggested for the titan! Given I’m kinda new to these.


The torso looks good, but if it’s meant to go with the foot, you may want to consider making it bigger. Also, the mixel looks pretty good.

That’s just the foot (there’s 2 but I took pictures of 1) I’ll start working on the rest of the legs.

Is that a butt shield?

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This is looking great, but I will say the chest and feet need some work. :athletic_shoe:

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Yes.Only because butt shield sounds better than “slightly above where the butt would be shield”.

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When your figure’s foot is the size of a protector, you know you’re onto something magical.

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