RPG Reset Moratorium

Hey Guys!

Given the current number of RPG’s and the activity of the Forum (And a bunch of unrelated real life stuff that has prevented me from really having the time to devote to stuff here) I’m imposing a moratorium on the RPG reset system.

Mostly because there’s no point in having it now.

The only exception to this is going to remain RPGs that hit a certain post threshold - namely 10k posts will trigger a reset at the end of that month. This will keep the RPGs a little cleaner given that we’ll still be able to have huge sprawling games while still necessitating the occasional jump in point for new players, while also stopping the smaller games from being caught up or requiring too many exceptions to a rule.

It was an experiment, and it was an extreme that was entirely unnecessary in the long run. That being said, RPGs that have no gameplay posts for more than 30 days will be closed. These games can be reopened if you can prove that there is still player interest.

Remember, the whole point of this system was to foster a board in which a smaller number of well-run and interesting RPGs could be played for extended periods of time and therefore be enjoyable, as opposed to a dozen smaller RPGs that fizzle out and die within a week.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post here or PM me!


So I think the Daleks Supremacy TO should be reset, there’s only two people besides the GM and it hasn’t gotten past 20 posts.

Honestly, I just don’t think there’s too much of an interest in it. I think it’s a bit niche for the TTV boards.

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I agree.