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this kinda sorta indicates that it isnt:


I really just came here to find out about dead topics and read the other rules in the process, on BZP there was a post I really wanted to post on but the topic had been closed but I found the exact same topic on here so :smiley:

what is this and where can I join




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Would treespeak be considered leet speak for adding additional words that mean the same thing I'm just asking not going to do any treespeak though

Is shoot speak allowed?

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Technically speaking, It's an oligarchy.

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What are the rules about updates on things? Is there something I missed?

Don't make a separate topic on a update, your better off replying on a previous or different topics, and no, self-dedicated updates/shout out topics isn't allowed you plug-in.

Few exception is being is on a W.I.P moc, if it take about over a week to make, you can't continuously spam unnecessary structure topic update, so your better off continue replying on the same topic. But you can make a separate topic if the final product is complete, a newer version with noticeable adjustment can also have a separate topic if the moc appearance to have effort put in.


I have a question
Say I was trying to get an RP started back up after a few months, maybe like 5 or so.

Is that necro-posting?
Because I may or may not have unintentionally necro-posted.

We do not and have never had any rules against topic revival.


Okay, thank you!

I’m not sure where to post this, but on previous Discourse forums I have been on, there is a like limit per day. Is that the case on this board?

Also, is there a provision against “spam-liking”, an epidemic in which someone goes down and likes every single one of a person’s posts, resulting in a flood of notifications for the victim in question?


Yep; I know people who have hit it, in fact.

I also know of people who have done this.
(I might’ve even done it myself once)

I would advise against it, but I’d say it’s probably OK to do once or twice as a joke, just so long as you aren’t being an aggravation to people. Worst I’ve heard of is a polite message asking the spam-liker to stop.

(Also note that many (most?) people have their setting set up where they only receive notifications the first time a post is liked)

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There is one as Racie02 said, but I’ve never ran into it (and I’ve posted quite a bit in one day), so that shouldn’t discourage you from making posts/

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